how shall i put this delicately?

so whenever the backpatting gets too much, i have to remind you i can be quite the bitch too. here’s a for-instance:

you know those meme thingys, the [insert day here] [insert number or theme here]? i don’t like them. i think sullivan was going to say something about this, and i’d have been happy to vent in his comments, but no. so i had to say something myself. it’s time.

i hold nothing against these memes — no wait i do, otherwise what’s my point? i hold nothing against the people who participate in them. the idea itself, well, it’s probably quite cool. however, it’s entirely possible an entire blog’s content could be generated just coming up with answers to these questions. and, this is not my vision of blogging.

and i’ll confess here that no matter how much i dig your blog, if i see one of these as an entry, i skim quickly or not at all and surf on. no offense. i’d rather read what you are thinking about, the spontaneous contents of your own mind, and how you answer your own questions. a great example of this is ‘one hundred things about me’ – 100 independent thoughts. i love those. (still working on thinking about doing that myself)

i only ever answered one of these things — it was the asian bastard‘s, and it had a question about have you ever pooped your pants as an adult, and for some reason i felt the need to share that. i answered in his comments, and that was that.

so you see i’m not all that nice. i’m a picky bitch, infact. and now you know.

53 thoughts on “how shall i put this delicately?

  1. interesting perspective — and certainly having a child and no sleep (i’ve been there) puts quite a strain on the creative energies. i understand completely.

    one commenter responded, well, i like doing them, but i don’t read other people’s — and this is brings up probably the most basic of truths here. your blog is for you. if other people read it, they should do so with that in mind — it’s your space and you do with it what you want.

    i know lots of people who do them. i don’t hold anything against them, or the memes, it’s just i don’t read them, and at some level it bugs me, but that’s just me and my opinion. i felt the need to express it because the darn things are rampant all over blogland.

  2. True, that. I’m just uncomfortable not having Content Worth Reading on my blog page. If I’m reading it back and thinking, “Lord, this is boring as all hell,” then not only shouldn’t it stay on my site, but it must bore someone who doesn’t know me to tears.

    I tend to read these answers only if they’re as illuminating as something that someone would have come up with themselves. Occasionally, if people put thought into these memebits, then they become writing exercises.

    If not, then they’re just another example of the Wild Meme which should be put down and strangled. I dislike the whole ‘oooh, ooh, I’m first to have mine in!’ making it some sort of quickness contest. Of course, I readily admit to using these things for different purposes than which they were likely intended.

    Thanks for the email, by the way, kd. Much appreciated. If I weren’t going to do so before, now I simply have to steal a button and link you. Thoughtfulness, even while being bitchy. Who’d’a thunk?

  3. vaspider, you have no problem whatsoever (far as i can tell) coming up with compelling, very readable content. loving your blog, and your poetry.

    use the memes as writing exercises proudly then. i’ll make the exception in your case and read them … or try to, the annoyance factor in these things is significant.

    in any case, you’re doing great things with your new blog.

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