i have a problem

ok, now, you’re probably not surprised to hear that i talk to myself. almost constantly, especially when i’m on the computer, and i am on the computer pretty much all the time. i’m considerate, i try to keep it down, but still. as i’m tapping at the keys, i’m generally nattering away. it helps me focus and whatnot.

and as you know, i blog, and i surf and comment on blogs. i do this quite a lot, and in doing so, i have had to adapt certain speech mannerisms into the written word.

so i suppose it’s the perfectly natural and logical progression of things, that i was reading a blog just now and i said, out loud, [sigh]. with the brackets and everything. instead of actually sighing.

i’m ok. really.

31 thoughts on “i have a problem

  1. i’ve never spoken with actual punctuation around the words like that. especially, a word whose purpose is to describe a sound.

    usually i don’t worry about talking to myself, but in this instance i seriously hoped no one would hear me.

    and i wasn’t commenting on any particular blog, i don’t even remember which one, i was merely saying that i said “sigh” instead of, well, sighing. next i’ll be inserting LOL in a conversation instead of laughing.

  2. …or holding up little cards with smilies on them 🙂

    If this keeps up, there’s serious Fosters time on the horizon, sister…

  3. I have a counter top full of psychoactive drugs I’m no longer supposed to take. Would you like me to prepare a care package for you?

  4. don’t you tease me like that. you better be serious. got anything that will take this strangely homicidal mania out of me? oh, no, that would be a cigarette. they have those at the store.

    i still like drugs. me likey the druggies very much.

  5. I’m happy to say I rarely, if ever, “air-quote”.

    (hooked fingers in the air, eyebrows raised to help force the visual of actual quotes hanging in the air, as I insult your intelligence by saying something inanely obvious).

  6. i have a serious punctuation problem, if it makes you feel any better. when i write, i use way too many commas, and i “quote” “everything”. and when i’m “speaking”, i “pause” a lot, like the commas “suggest”, and i use, the, “air-quotes”, really “pathetic”, isn’t it?

  7. you know, you have a point there. i often find myself falling into the rhythms of my written words — in fact, i often repeat, more or less word for word, stories i’ve told in my blog, oh, and you can even hear the elipsis…

    oh jeez. i really do have a problem.

  8. well, that’s ok, what i want is a cigarette. i’ve taken a benadryl which is not making me sleepy. i have misplaced anxious energy. and i didn’t want to quit just now. i just, am sick of how much they cost. vanilla dreams are 5.35 a pack.

    and i can’t have any beer because beer makes me smoke.

    i’m a little out of sorts. some better drugs might help.

  9. Hmmm… Know what you need? More beach time. LOL! But seriously, I say “sigh” all the time, to emphasize to someone I’m talking to that whatever we’re talking about makes me feel like sighing. It works. Try it.

  10. I talk to myself, too. But I pretend I’m talking to the cat, if I feel like someone might be watching.

    Also I’ve started speaking like I write but only with one phrase: blah. I’ll type “blah blah something blah” and now have a habit of saying “you know, that thing, blah.”
    Thank heavens for my compatriot Count Blah on Greg the Bunny.

    To continue another meme: you make me feel like it’s ok to say blah (blah) in spite of the world at large.

    Better living through chemistry…

  11. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you that a cigarette, a beer, 30-minutes of therapy, a Prozac, a Xanax, and some mind-bending sex won’t cure. And I do believe I could provide all of these things for you in one convenient session. Let me know, baby. *gets out goodie bag*

  12. i hate it when i talk to myself and i keep getting the same old answers.

    yes. fine. i’ll kill them all. just let me finish my game here and get something to eat, first.

    damn those pesky voices in my head. no patience at all.

  13. I think in HTML very often. It’s disgusting. I’ll be thinking about IMG SRC’s and all that. You’re not weird. Or…or maybe you are and I’m weird, too.

  14. I was gonna *wink* at someone yesterday, but realized I intended to say it, not do it. I need to interact with people in real life more.

  15. Funny, I thought batgrl would say something to the effect of “I thought that was normal. I’ve been doing that ([sigh]) long before blogs existed.” I may go overboard on the hand gestures, but batgrl is great for the visually impaired, as she provides running narration. It’s very handy.

    wink wink nudge nudge ;p

  16. “i still like drugs. me likey the druggies very much.”

    Somebody should have warned me about this before I started taking psychopharmaceutical advice from KD. *heh*

    On the other hand, I was like the devil on her shoulder last night over this whole smoking thing so it all works out. I’m going to quit whining about cigs being so expensive here (2.80/pack) now though. Geez.

    Sadly, both my boss and I do the running commentary thing. Often at the same time. Sometimes in other languages. I think it used to make my assistant nuts, but now he just puts in earplugs and says “really?” at random intervals to make us think that he’s still listening. I think he quit listening about 3 1/2 years ago, to be honest.

  17. i don’t think i actually sigh anymore; i just say “sigh”. but i’ve never pronounced punctuation marks. “right bracket sigh left bracket”? i try not to pronounce acronyms… easy with stuff like “ymmv” – yim vee? lol or el oh el?

    screw that irl stuff.

  18. well, i didn’t so much as enunciate the brackets, it’s just you could hear that it was a written interjection, the way i said it.

    and with “ymmv”, i think i’d just go with “wye emm emm vee”. and lol would definitely be el oh el — at least that’s how i hear it in my mind when i see it or write it. i guess i should hear laughing, but, i hear letters.


  19. I’ve decided I’m going to hire people to talk for me. I’ll just stand there, looking sagacious, and let them babble on about inanities. This has little to do with the whole [sigh] thing, but that’s because I used to use [this kind of thing] to indicate telepathy.

  20. oh god. for a minute i thought that was in response to his comment on the next entry. i … i … oh my. where is my mind?

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