i learned from lesbians

it’s a boat, folks, or rather, an article about said boat in the local paper, entitled ‘marina wants to send salty sailboat back to sea’. turns out this fellow, robert turobiner, brought his boat to the ventura harbor, and all the stuffyass yachty types are all agog about the name of the boat — ‘i learned from lesbians’ and his own original artwork which depicts two topless mermaids kissing. you can just see the kiss in the picture, it looks quite chaste to me. he also has a website, the url of which is apparently quite naughty. the picture is taken to deliberately obscure the url — all that’s visible is ‘hemtheywi’ though i’m not sure about that last ‘i’, and the next letter could possibly be ‘l’. it’s a long url, i’m thinking ifyou____themtheywill__.com. it’s so naughty, the paper doesn’t reveal it. the article itself is not in their online version. i have googled ‘robert turobiner’ and ‘i learned from lesbians’ which is also the title of his second CD, an acoustic CD. i have looked on mp3.com for his name. my not inconsiderable search skills have failed me.

the website is supposedly naughty in title only, turobiner is quoted as saying it ‘doesn’t live up to its name’. and i can’t find a damn thing online. it’s a mystery. but i’m on it. if need be, i shall travel to the damn harbor myself with my digicam and delve further into this. i must know.

and as for the harbor management and the fussyass yachtspersons who object to a couple topless mermaids smooching on a boat, well, all i can do is heave a heavy sigh. yeah, like suggestive boat names and mermaid boobies are a shocking new development in maritime lore. two other boats in the harbor, the ‘horny hooker’ and the ‘tail chaser’ aren’t being kicked out — i suppose corny double entendres involving fishing imagery are ok then.

can you just feel me rolling my eyes?

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  1. first of all, this isn’t a “board”, it’s a weblog. with a comments section.

    fascist tactics? yeah, it’s my house, i get to be the despot. i don’t have to offer a comments section — i could have just an email addy, which would mean you had to identify yourself in order to insult me. as it is, you took advantage of my offering comments, as a way to throw anonymous slurs my way. so, what i did in response? you had coming.

    and let me get this straight — you have no problem with the boat, but you have a problem with me insulting the yachtspersons who had the problem? that doesn’t make much sense, you know, since your having a problem with my problem negates the my having a problem with theirs. follow?

    i would have certainly reacted differently if you had expressed an actual opinion on the subject rather than to attack liberal politics in general. seems to me since you claim to have no problem with the actual boat, why the ranting about liberals?

    and, if you put a sillyass phony email addy like “nevermind@neverland.com”, well, expect geeks to act geeky and track you down. you could have put nothing there, but what you did put just serves to enhance the general impression that you’re a … oh, never mind that.

    you know, i put comments on my site (not a board — a message board would make you create an account with identifying info to post on it), but i’m not required to put up with anything that goes on here, especially generalized, what-does-this-have-to-do-with-anything condemnation of me and my views. spirited intellectual debate would be welcome, if that happened, but in this case, it most assuredly did not.

    bottom line is, it was your attitude not your differing opinion (and what was your opinion again? not that the boat was offensive, but me impugning the character of people that objected to the boat was?) that really offended me. and, since you had the attitude and the anonymity, i decided to mess with the anonymity part. because this is my space. (as i’ve said before) it’s similar to the fact that the marina management don’t have to respect mr. turobiner’s first amendment rights – it’s their place. this is mine. you want to call liberals names because they called conservative names? go get yourself a weblog. go to blogger.com, it’s free.

    attitude would have made all the difference.

  2. I just found your page when I went looking for “I learned from lesbians.” Robbie Turobiner (the boat owner) is a friend of mine. It seems as though all his contacts have disapeared though…any recent news in the paper or anything? (I’m not from around the area).


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