i’m going to blogcon

are you? i am. i’m totally going. even if i have to hitch a ride and sleep on somebody’s floor (and it’s looking more and more like i will be doing exactly that). it doesn’t matter. it’s going to be so much fun.

blogcon or bust i say!

oh, did you know that the “what do you look like” thread on the message boards has now been going since january 14, and has 333 replies and 8422 views, as of this writing?

go there, introduce yourself, if you haven’t already.

and don’t forget we’ll be shaving hoopty for charity.

10 thoughts on “i’m going to blogcon

  1. Jon Sullivan is putting together different “tracks” for people that have different priorities — drink, gamble, hang out, stay indoors, not spend money, etc.

    i think drunken orgies are more spontaneous events. planning them would take away some of that, you know, magic.

  2. Hmm. So I take it we’re signing wken up for the drunken orgy track? *giggle*
    I’m sure we can find you something other than a floor to crash on, kd – just get there!
    My track will be to go in search of (just like Leonard Nimoy) the weird, the strange, Lost Civilizations, Strange Phenomena, Myths and Monsters, new life and new civilizations… no wait, I’m getting my tv shows mixed up…

  3. I’ll be here…er there…er whatever! Be sure to let me know if there’s anything I can do before August, I’m a local.

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