15 thoughts on “i’m too sexy for my…

  1. ahh *tosses hair alluringly, gets crick in neck, makes face* i get that all the time (ow. it hurts to be so sexy).

    thank, mr. mischief!

  2. Like we needed a graphic to know that, you silly girl!
    And I can never read the word anticipation without mentally saying “shiver with antici……….pation!” Nothing like the sexual tension in a dramatic pause…..

  3. I may be too old to know what a mofo sexy blogger is, but I’ll just focus on the words that are familiar to me. Sexy. kd. Yes, it’s all true.

  4. I’m with wKen. I wanna know what your duties are. It all sound rather… intriguing. Shit, I’m getting so rusty. Is that how one spells intriguing or not?

  5. welp, official duties would include naked horseback riding (but only in a parade with a Godiva wig on), naked karaoke, and half-naked wrestling. we want to see some wet t-shirt action. it’s all in the 257 page mofo’ handbook. should’ve been in the box somewhere with your award. 😉

  6. jello wrestling? we have some of that planed for blogcon!

    i better hunt around for that book. sounds like i’m gonna be nekkid and busy!

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