it’s the simple things

lately the dsl has been crazy, and by lately i mean, the last several days. flicker flicker flicker, yellow-green-yellow-etc-etc. flicker flicker from mediocre to slow like bad dialup. driving me to distraction (like that’s hard to do).

but anyway. so i thought, it’s been a long time since i’ve cycled the power to the dsl modem. so i turn off puters, unplug modem, go pee, let it sit, come back, crack a brewski, replug, reboot — solid green. fast-ass internet, once again.

geez, is that all it was? all those days? i’m rolling my eyes again, you feel this?

12 thoughts on “it’s the simple things

  1. I pronounce it ‘lyn-ucks’. Linus himself pronouces it ‘lee-nucks’ or something close to that. Then again, he pronouces his name ‘Lee-nus’. It looks like lyn-ucks to me, so that’s how I pronouce it. People who make a big deal about correcting you obviously do not have enough to keep them busy. Odds are, they are bitter republicans who work for HP and mourn the day that blowhard radio host went deaf.

  2. LOL, Dan. I’m sure the ‘expurt’ at CompUSA and I use a very similar pronunciation ;-). It’s a good thing that I’ve switched to OpenBSD for the most part. There’s only one logical way to pronounce that!

    The url cited above does make a strong case for pronouncing Linux as L-eye-nix. Saying Lee-nooks would just make me feel silly.

  3. Everybody needs a little break now and again, even your friendly little DSL. 🙂 Why, even I need to take a break occasionally, like last night. I hit the bed by ten o’clock PM and now I’m refreshed. Solid red, white and blue, fast assed blog reading…

  4. Shit. I’m glad you posted this. I’ve been having the same trouble with my DSL lately. I’ve even called tech support 3 times in the past two days. Ass monkeys. I knew I’d done something to fix it last time this happened, I just couldn’t remember what it was.

    I bow to your genius. 😉

  5. i had no idea. i was mad at telocity/directDSL. i was so wrong.

    it was just tired, the modem. on for months on end. poor thing.

  6. Cable modems suffer from the same strange syndrome. The only thing that I’ve found that doesn’t require occaissional power cycling is a nice fat hardline wired directly into ethernet. That and a Linux box I once had that i had to reboot after 3 years of uptime (but I had to reboot it because I rebuilt the kernel).

  7. There will come a day that the quest for “intelligent” devices will end and people will seek more reliable, simpler devices that don’t degrade performance and crash all the time.

    When was the last time you had to reboot a tree?

  8. i would never do that scott. i am utterly serious about my feelings about linux geeks.

    but i must confess, i have a problem. you know how you’re supposed to pronounce it “lennox” or thereabouts? i refuse. i say “linux”. like it sounds. to me in my english speaking brain.

    i don’t care if more serious geeks think i’m lame that way. [sigh] lennox is my mother’s dinnerware, ok?

    *ahem* i did not get enough sleep, i’m a little weird this morning.

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