it’s tough being a superhero

today, spontaneously and without much aforethought (i am not making this up), i intoned in an uncharacteristically majestic voice, to my son: ?obey me, or feel my wrath?.

it just slipped out.

(it worked)

13 thoughts on “it’s tough being a superhero

  1. you must be related to my Mum. she’s a former primary school teacher and she has this SCARY voice she uses on bad little kids. the best trick is to count to five: ONE! TWO! …. she never got past three, we were out of there.

  2. *L*
    Reminds me of one morning when my son seated himself at the table and inquired about breakfast in the following manner: “And how shall you please me this morning in the way of food?” He’s 8.

  3. Damn that is so cool. I want to say that now. And there is no excuse here…
    *looks at computer, fishbowl, poptarts*
    No one here is going to listen. Oh well…
    Oh Tracy – I love that line of your son’s too!

  4. yep, I remember one time ACTUALLY saying quite loudly “What in the sam hill do you think you are doing” We were both so surprised at me using a phrase like that, me and my 8 year old busted up laughing.
    I added my link….thank you.

  5. ah to be pleased by a beautiful woman in the way of food… i would have no idea what that was like. you see, by way of natural selection, i have always been the bitch in the relationship.

    (my darling wife, who just came to read over my shoulder just now smacked me in the back of the head and said, “and don’t you ever forget it, beeotch!”).

  6. unfortunately, i’m concerned that next time i try this, he’s just going to giggle. ‘fear and the element of surprise’, etc.

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