just for fun

i installed b2 on this server too. it’s at http://surreally.com/b2. if you’d like to have a peek at the interface, go register and email me if you’d like to have posting privs, i can go enable that, so you can see what the posting interface is like. it has such potential for community projects, and of course people can be registered and not post, but have a profile and stuff. too cool.

i’m having too much fun with it. now, on back to the message boards to check out the hacks and stuff. such fun.

8 thoughts on “just for fun

  1. I’ll sign up later, I’d like to see b2. I’ve been messing around with pMachine, integrating it into a site I’m doing for my brother, and then later hope to use it myself. It uses PHP4/MySQL. The developer is great with support and very cool about adding requested features. Too much going on here to make that happen quickly but Blogger Pro/Blogspot is out in a while, for sure. Just wanted to see how long I’d stick with doing the blog thing…

  2. i saw that pMachine, but the whole ‘it’s shareware, pay if you like it’ scared me. i feel tremendous guilt using something that is supposed to be paid for.

    this is still in development, has an active user base and a great help forum, and so far nothing about paying money.

    if i had money, i’d so be willing to pay for this. as it is, well, i’m glad there isn’t a guilt clause built into the thing. b2 rocks.

  3. I’ve used b2 since August last year and I love it. It’s so fast and easy, and more functionality is being added all the time.

    For greybird, the support is great for b2. If the author himself doesn’t answer your post, then there will be someone else that will and usually very quickly.

    kd, there is a test-version on the cafelog site as well – it gets added to as changes are made and we all get to test it out to help work out the bugs. Best part is that most of what gets added is what we harp about on the boards 😉

  4. oh, then i imported the blogger and two different greymatter sites into the surreally copy, but i had to make multiple instances of the same author with different names, because it would error out on duplicates. i think if i go delete the authors (and therefore the posts) and start again i may have figured out how to get it to overwrite the authors (by editing the gm-authors.cgi to have the password that b2 thinks it should have).

    but really this is all i’ve done most of the weekend. i should do other things. have a more balanced life.

    or not.

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one who dreams in web … *G*. I had to get up at about 4am this morning and email a client because I’d dreamed the complex solution to his problem. LOL.

  6. yes, i’m seeing great support (not unlike the MT boards, which are also awesome).

    but i was actually dreaming about it last night. so i got up and imported another GM site into it. just for fun, you know.

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