last night

i stood outside lastnight in the chill of the spring night, late, and looked up at a lemonslice moon and an alignment of planets, and felt as connected as i ever have to … this.

feet bare, tingling cold in the short hard grass, i lifted these eyes and saw an imperfect and/or incomplete vision (as seen from here in the lighted wilds of suburbia). however, i did see. and i did connect.

later that evening the moon did disappear behind the lowslung ranch homes i’m stranded within, but a few bright things (planets, stars, planes, whatever) remained there with me. i watched the light sky in the middle of the night, and it was a good thing. a good thing.

and how was your night?

21 thoughts on “last night

  1. Exactly, kd. I started paying attention more after I started blogging, noticing things that I wanted to put down there. Details, details, details.

  2. Radiant sunshine expanding in 3 dimensions
    Gloriful beauty
    Internal harmony and untainted slumber
    Happy 4/20!

  3. Er, well, my night involved a movie followed by considerable yakking up digested food in the wee hours.

    Your description reminds of Southern California. It makes me all nostalgic. Toss in the smell of orange blossoms from the nearby orchard, and the light from the porch bouncing off of the leaves of the jade plants and night-blooming jasmine, and a normally aloof manx kitty weaving figure-eights around my ankles, and I believe you’d have encapsulated a late childhood nigh in the backyard for me. 🙂 Very lovely.

  4. There are really so few poeple to tell the things you notice. And when you do tell people, they look at you funny. That is a very cool thing about blogging. The blog lets you tell it to yourself and others, and if it’s wierd, o well. Thanks, kd (for the moon, and the blog).

  5. maybe i notice some new things, but I didn’t notice the lemon slice moon until you did. so thanks. that was a good thing to have noticed.

  6. it looked exactly like that, it was a perfect moon. and there really were a lot of nice planets too! i wish i had a telescope.

    i just love the sky.

  7. Beautiful, babe, simply beautiful.

    Daniel picked up on the brighter than normal configutation the other night. …nice to know some things are universal.

  8. It rained here, so I stayed inside — but have had similar epiphanies recently. I had one walking over to the drugstore after a rain shower a few days ago. Suddenly I was just Noticing Everything, and it was all extremely vibrant. Very excellent.

  9. you know, it’s something i do all the time now — Noticing Everything. i find myself marveling at the most basic things. we truly do live in a beautiful world, and i spent too many years not even thinking about it. life’s better when you notice things.

    i think blogging’s helped me notice, too, because i’m constantly thinking about blogging things. or maybe that’s an addiction thingy? i write things in my head all the time as i move through the world. i like it.

  10. it was beautiful, wasn’t it? i saw the same lemonslice moon but i unimaginatively called it a fingernail moon. we had a lovely walk to the supermarket under the stars, moon and planets. i love nights like that.

  11. I totally forgot to go look!
    Hey next time there’s some groovy astronomy type hooha going on we should all go look at the same time! And compare notes! Somone’ll just have to remind me tho.

  12. You know, after I blogged about pui trees in my blog, I recognised that I am noticing stuff around me more. I used to move through life preoccupied with my problems etc., but now I have started to look around more and notice things. I feel that the reason for this is blogging, so for all those who tell me I am wasting my time doing this, that is one obvious benefit.

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