lazy daze

i just woke up. what is up with that? repeated, unrepentant acts of napping on my part in spite of the many very pressing things needing done. or maybe because of them, hmm?

i am ever so glad i didn’t go to the mugu airshow today. i considered it, taking my son to see the airplanes, the big planes, the fast planes, the really old planes. he likes planes. always pointing up at them in the sky and stuff. truth is, i flaked — napped and lagged and didn’t do much at all. so, we missed the plane crash.

this makes my inner lazy wench leap up in an uncharacteristic display of energy and cry, aHA! see? see? slacking pays off, doesn’t it? uh-huh. then she slouches back down and stares sullenly at the computer screen before sighing and (finally) getting around to the task at hand.

11 thoughts on “lazy daze

  1. it is GOOD to slack with validation… 🙂
    boy, everywhere i go today, i read something that reminds me of my dad… i used to go to airshows with him, usually tagging along with him and my boyfriend. later, we would take my son. i don’t go anymore. but i live very near the chino airport and when the airshow is there and the sky is thrumming with old plane motors, i go outside and watch them fly. it makes me smile.
    thanks for the memories, kd… 🙂

  2. oh yes. i am validated (and yes, still sullen) contemplating all the stuff yet to be done and the fact that *checks clock on puter* any minute now i’ll be getting another are you done yet emails. i am a last minute kinda gal. i could do it tonight but that would be so prudent.

    i’m going to get a good start on it though.

    oh and it launches monday so the suspense will no longer be killing you all. <g>

  3. The weekend is national slack off time.
    Too work too hard would be unpatriotic.
    And napping is important.
    I power napped the whole evening away by accident yesterday…

  4. bleh. enough yucky stuff happens in a kid’s life. seeing a plane crash, especially when he loves planes, is not something your son needed to see. i’m glad you were a slacker, KD 🙂

  5. i’m glad for me too. i would have been a mess if i’d seen/heard/smelled that. the articles in today’s paper made that quite clear to me. they were announcing “go home, talk to your children about this” as they kicked everybody out. not a conversation i’d want to be having.

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