life with me

conversation, in the car as he drove me to work:

him: [steps on gas, car makes pretty v6 sound and goes fast]
me: isn’t that bad for it?
him: [defensively] it’s just the secondaries opening up
me: it doesn’t have secondaries. it’s…
him: second gear then, it went into second gear
him: and it desperately needs an oil change
me: no it doesn’t. look at the sticker. we have five hundred miles to go
him: [flustered] well it needs…
me: i was just asking because i do it all the time
me: and i wanted to know if it was bad.
him: [relaxing] oh.

14 thoughts on “life with me

  1. I really love how you were so annoying, and then just as it was about to be a fight, you totally turned the tables. And gave you points for when you’re driving. Damn, you’re good!

  2. as a docile husband in all areas but the sack, i would never have fallen for that.

    of course, i no little about cars beyond “turn key, put in gear, point down road, go fast”.

    i make C take the cars to the shop because when she cries they lower the price. when i cry the mechanics give me a wedgie and steal my lunch money.

  3. this is my homepage. it comes up when the browser does. he uses the computer all the time (mostly to search for pr0n, weather, and nascar) but yeah, he reads this.

    therefore i make sure that i accurately represent things — and this made me look like the annoying one and him the longsuffering one, and that’s pretty accurate.

  4. Okay. That was weird. You must be posting as I’m commenting. I come back to the index and there’s a new post. You’re good, kd. Real goood.

  5. I didn’t read anywhere that you were annoying in this conversation.
    I felt he wanted to upstage your knowledge, then you “submitted”, and in his mind he won the war of the sexes…
    Happens to me all the time…

  6. It looked more to me like a ‘knowledgeable car husband thinks he’s being questioned on his ability to maintain a car, then realises he’s being asked a question as an authority so is happy’ situation.

  7. actually, the backstory on this is, i was feeling rather … mischevious. so i decided to mess with his mind. i had the last comment in my head before the first question was asked. he rose to the bait rather better than expected. it was so much fun, knowing what i was going to say at the end, and letting the exchange go just so far.

    i am often deliberately annoying like this. in a playful way, of course. but yeah. i like to fuck with people’s minds.

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