love and racecars

i’m having a hard time remembering my dreams lately. just scraps here and there, nothing i could actually make sense enough to dreamlog. this morning it was love and racecars, and loss.

i was unaware the power of the dream till later in the day, when i was surfing researching stuff, and i happened upon a fox sports nascar ad, and all of a sudden this sadness came out of nowhere, hit me hard. i had no idea. knocked stuff loose, it seems.

the dream images themselves remain elusive, i have no idea what they meant or why such intensity.

13 thoughts on “love and racecars

  1. and i just found myself sitting here at my desk, tickling my own palm with my other hand. and staring at the monitor. things are a little weirder than usual with me today. like — like i don’t know what. not that i dislike it.

  2. you know, and then the part about the stapler salesman being an extortionist. and all the sex, which wasn’t related to anything else that was going on, it was just… an awareness of sex.

  3. i often have an awareness of sex in my dreams. i’m aware that i’m not having it and others are… nevermind. that’s real life.

  4. I love it when I am in a period of big dreams. they are always interesting to deconstruct. tragically, no one else ever thinks my dreams are as interesting as I do.

  5. i seem to have these cookies here — where did they come from? things are hazy and vague. would you like some cookies?

  6. you’d have to have been there in sullivan’s comments today when i mused about how i’d do the keebler elves. elf sex and cookies. i was feeling rather odd this afternoon.

  7. DANG!!! I missed elf sex? Sigh!
    Dreaming – I’m sure we must all do it – but I rarely remember doing it (dreaming, that is) and when I do it is because the dreams were SO VIVID and I was SO ALIVE afterwards, you know? Had a spate of them a couple of years ago . . . friends who dream-decipher (whatEVER!) told me I was on the cusp of a big change or something. Nah, not really . . . now I think I am not (remembering) dreaming because I am so tired when I lay down that I am just OUT. ;-)) or something.

    hang in there, kd

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