melly rescue

last night, melly mailed me about getting her site moved off her servers that had suddenly ceased to work. it was late, i was tired. we were going to do it in the morning.

so i get up to three emails with instructions on ftp’ing, and i open my ftp client.

-host not found [authoritative]
-unable to connect to within 3 attempts

can you say panic? i was thinking, what if it’s all gone. what if all melly’s writing is gone. i was ready to go fling myself into a wall like a four year old.

turns out she HAS BACKUPS. and she has her graphics, and i have her old layout from when we did that birthday thing where bunch of us switched our layout to hers.

it’s all in pieces but we can put it back together. we have the technology.

moral of this story:

go make backups. make them right now.

and here’s some irony for you: today, her blog is featured prominently in her local paper. and the site is not there. (no backups could have prevented that, and, she’s taking it well.)

quick backup, for movable type users: do an ‘export entries’. download the resulting text file to your computer. to backup your templates, copy them into text files on your computer.

with this, your blog could be reconstructed.

6 thoughts on “melly rescue

  1. i back everything up. i have RAID going on the home system, burn a cd a week whether i need it or not, and keep an archive of everything i ever write or post back to… gawsh… 1991.

    And yet, I can never find my car keys when i need them.

  2. While I feel terrible for poor Melly, I am relieved to know that am not the only one stuck with a godawful webhost…
    (I am of course referring to “EricBrooks.Com”, not the AWESOME, always up & dependable hostess of “Enemy of the State”!!!! Just want to make that clear.)

  3. wow, thanks for the reminder. i kept forgetting to export and back up my entries, though god knows, the world would be better off without them! all backed up. phew.

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