monday, continued

so, onward and homeward. the end of monday? not. i have to do some quick juggling in re: the rather large check i unexpectedly wrote this afternoon. so off on errands, or, no, not yet.

me: kurtwood? we have to go!
him: [mournfully] mommy i pooped.
me: what? you what? is it bad?
him: yeaaaaaah.
[he was so sorry. i wasn’t mad. i got the pants off and took care of the asswiping, carried the soiled pok?mon underwear to the trash. they were heavy. i scraped most of the poop off with a paper towel. i only got a little bit on my fingers]

i head off to do errands. last stop, the bank at 5:55. cool. made that on time. but when i get out the bank … i mean, who parks like this? [note: pausing at this point in the narrative to reinstall the NIC card on my other puter so i can upload … this picture]. you can’t see it that well, but the thing’s parked like four inches from my side door and i couldn’t back out without ripping off my side mirror. turns out the answer to that question is, a really old feeble guy that shouldn’t be driving at all, let alone a big ole SUV.

i am not without perspective. i know people have way worse problems. but these little annoyances were still annoying enough.

19 thoughts on “monday, continued

  1. he was pretty feeble. he kept apologizing as i was fighting the urge to tell him it might be time to stop driving or at least get a reasonable sized vehicle for cryin’ out loud. then he got in and i was just waiting for him to throw it in reverse rather than park. that was a scary several minutes there. yeah. several.

  2. Geez, Some California drivers.. I swear, if they arent driving crazy, they are parking crazy!! One of my co-workers parks like that every day at work and he owns a SUV too. They must be related!! lol

    So thats the license plate on your car you once told me about… I love it 😉

  3. Honey, we had 2 shitty pairs of undies today. Same kid. Potty training has it’s good and bad points. Although, it’s not always potty training kids that shit their pants.

    Also, that kind of parking job pisses me off bigtime. Same as the little teeny-boppers that park in disabled parking spots.

  4. aren’t digital cameras wonderful? I need to start carrying mine around more often to document the local dumbassery (and flora and fauna).

  5. i never leave home without it — if i do, i go right back and get it. otherwise, i’d miss stuff like that, and well, i hate it when that happens.

  6. incidentally monday just got a lot worse. like, not even postable worse. so, bear with me folks. i have no idea what to … whatever.

  7. the bad news it keeps getting worse. unbelievably worse. god i hate not being able to write about this. or tell anyone.

  8. okay, kd – take a deep breath – many times it has to get REALLY worse so it can get better – positive vibes coming your way. Hang in – hang on


  9. You should have given him a dressing down; he needs to stop driving that hunk of danger before he flips himself to oblivion.
    Speaking of, did you read that Lisa Lopes (half the headlines say “car crash,” 1/4 “accident,” 1/4 “flipped her SUV while speeding on the wrong side of a curving road”) was in a hit-and-run that killed a little boy the week before causing vehicular harm to yet more bystanders? Guh.
    Good thing the driving and parking-in-compact-only-spots of oversized, 7mpg monuments to Mehrcun Priveledge is preserved by Southern Republicans:

    “This is still America,” said Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss., who illustrated his point with a photograph of a bright purple European-made mini-car. “We should be able to make our choices. We shouldn’t have the federal government saying you’re going to drive the purple people eater here.”
    I’ll take mine in black.

  10. You DID key his car, right? Please tell me you keyed it. And you keyed it and it read something like “I don’t know how to park” or “Honk if I’m an asshole.” Right? RIGHT???

  11. no, i just stood there and waited for him to hobble across the parking lot. heh – the engine was running, i could have… no. no. i’m not like that.

    and he apologized as he struggled to climb up into that big honkin monster vehicle (notice how small my not-small buick looks next to it?). well, he mumbled something about how he had trouble parking it and i resisted screaming at him to get a normal vehicle or just give it up.

    *sigh* i’m much too nice.

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