monday monday

’twas a jolly day, as mondays go. unusually good vibes, nothing at all wrong with anything. ahh, but let’s not forget, just because it seems like a big fuzzy cuddle-bear, that monday still has razor sharp claws and slavering fangs.

i was too complacent. basking in the hubris of some successful web-type efforts. and the phone rings.

need an antidote for this smug self-satisfaction? here’s the recipe:

– forget to pay the electric bill
– for a couple of months
– get frantic phonecall, the lights are off!
– pay bill at seedy check cashing place
– manage to screw up the part where you phone the electric company and input your receipt amount, have to be connected with customer service for guidance
– on the way back realize you have been riding on fumes for too long
– stop for gas. discover that debit card is still back at work, on the desk.
– pay for two dollar’s worth of gas. in quarters.

and if that’s not enough, then:

– publicly confess all of the above.

a truly humbling experience.

6 thoughts on “monday monday

  1. It has happened to all of us – and anyone who says otherwise, well they are either liars or extremely well organized. Damn them for making the rest of us look bad.

  2. well, after the incident with the attention defecit and now this, everybody’s going to think i’m a giant airhead. which is ok, because, it’s pretty much the truth.

  3. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I just paid (well, sent off the check for…and must cover it in the bank soon) a $171 fricking cable bill because apparently, I forgot to pay it back in Feb or some shit. They’ve been calling and calling. Jease, just yank the damn cable, already.

  4. Meh. Our trash service and our cable are off. Missing work = missing money = bills not paid.

    It happens. We deal. We move on.

    Toss an email or an AIM if you need an ear, woman. I’ll be around all day Tuesday, off and on.

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