my last nerve

first of all the boss gets back from london. business trip, all work and no play, yet still he manages to annoy me with how much fun i’d have had. how nice it is to fly first class and stay in a five star hotel and help yourself to the honor bar and the company pays all the bills. i believe the words lap of luxury were used.

and most normal people, for instance the other boss that was on the trip with him, both of them working the 24 and 48 hour shifts to do the impossible, would take a day or so off. and he doesn’t even work here, he’s a retired owner and right now he’s sitting here behind me with his goddamn feet up on the fucking desk, reading the stupid newspaper. rustling the pages. why? oh. he missed me. great. on to lunch then.

on the way to get stuffed jalape?os and tacos, this bitch in front of me has a license plate frame ‘out of my way i’m on my way to n.a.’ and i thought, how stupid and pointless. it’s on the fucking back of the car. even if it was also on the front, which i doubt, you wouldn’t be able to read it to know she wanted you out of the way. maybe she’d drive badly instead? and is going to n.a. a reason to have this attitude? should i respect this? if i don’t get out of her way, what’s she gonna do, break out her crack pipe? and this will be my fault somehow? i wanted to let her know how idiotic the whole thing was, but the only way i could think of to do it was to put the buick in first gear (for the torque) and see how well her acura’s crumple zones worked.

and then god bless KLOS, they played the real ‘i can’t drive 55’, and i thought why on earth did sammy remake the song to adjust for the change in the speed limit? it was (whether this is good or bad) a slice-of-life bit of americana that invokes nostalgia, and it was totally ruined in the process of being updated to reflect current laws on the books.

and you know what? the whole not smoking thing hasn’t made me all that fussy, really. i’m more like this (a bitch) than i like to admit. mostly i keep this to myself, but since i have this excuse, well, here it is.

18 thoughts on “my last nerve

  1. LMAO!!! Oh, sorry – nope, not sorry, cos it’s NOT a bad day for you – just same old same old. ;-))

    My two supervisors AND the shelter manager are ALL gone this week – the supervisors having a great time, the mgr. visiting with the powers that be in Juneau. (so maybe not so fun, although I hear tell of wine and cheese parties at all hours for those folks!)

    The supers will come back (one next week and the other the 22nd) all tanned and relaxed and I will sigh and say I’M GLAD YOU HAD A GREAT TIME – I’M ALSO GLAD THAT MY LAST DAY IS THE 6TH – or words to that effect. ;-))

  2. no, no, i’m just rethinking my smoking habits, like, only on the weekend when i have beer. and this means i have no beer except on the weekends. which means three days with no cigarettes, four without beer. so far. and … i’m ok. really, it’s not making me fussy at all, i’m always like this. or not, i’m not so sure. i feel ok though. lotsa energy.

  3. ‘out of my way i’m on my way to n.a.’??

    If she has this sort of license plate frame now that she’s in recovery, did she have frames that read, “out of my way i’m a crack whore” when she was using?

  4. yeah, that does seem more the crackwhore attitude than the n.a. way. what, like she’s driving along, “nothing will come between me and staying clean today — except YOU — aaaaaaaah — get OUT of MY WAY or i’m going to SMOKE THIS — ”

    etc etc.

  5. My favorite thing in the WORLD to do is talk about how annoying people can be…it’s liberating!

    Whomever created that stupid license plate thingie with that ignorant slogan should have THEIR crack pipe shoved up his or her deepest, darkest, most full of mucous nether-regions!

  6. Ah…talk of crack whores and cigarettes and Sammy Hagar and mucous nether-regions…this is why I love kd’s blog. ROFL

  7. I read this whole thing interpreting “n.a.” as Northwest Airlines. I was so confused. And I KNOW what n.a. is….clearly I have a one-track mind when I’m mad at someone (or some company). Good goddess was that confusing. Funny, but confusing.

  8. See? Me too. At first I thought n.a. was Nether Antilles. So, I thought- well, that IS stupid. You can’t drive to Nether Antilles!. Ha! How stupid of that person to have that on their car…

    Pardon me.. now, pass the Crack pipe.

  9. I’ve been reading financial news too long; it’s made me socially challenged. I saw n.a. and thought that was the North American subsidiary of BASF GmBH, or something.

    Thanks to the other folks who didn’t get it right away either. 🙂

  10. i thought the crack pipe crack would kind of explain it, but … then again, i think it might have been even funnier with some of the other definitions. at least more bizarre, and bizarre is how i was (and still am) feeling.

  11. lest anyone think this is me having a bad day, i’d like to say that being annoyed like this makes me feel… so alive. and the level of annoying things in my life reflects certain choices i’ve made which indicate that i like to be annoyed. so, this is me having fun, really.

  12. I was just about to say: “Oh sounds like a bad day to me!” when I noticed your comment. Okay, so it wasn?t a bad day. Hmm. It?s good to be busy sometimes, isn?t it? And it?s also a lot of fun just to get a bit mad at random people. That?s what I?m doing every day at school- keeps me entertained! ;0)

  13. yes! it is so entertaining! between that and the stuffed jalape?os, i feel ever so motivated to work this afternoon. ooh! and i have cool pictures from London that my bosses brought, i’ll upload later.

    it is all good.

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