my night last night

the damn kid stays up late. he loves the computer, i am a pushover. five more minuteses turn into half hours, it’s going on eleven-ish. i get him into his bed, which has evolved into a livingroom campout, path of least parental resistance. i camp there too on the couch, it’s hard to say don’t do as i do. i am at least guilty of this, permissiveness. at least.

he’s settled into his place, rented goofy movie running. all’s well, right? i used to consider my staying up late as my time of peace in the house, my me time, blogsurfing and emailing and fun. not last night.


me: [listening to mp3s on headphones]
me: [in denial]
[thump. thumpthumpthump. thump]
me: [gets up, stalks into living room, where kid is has turned on the light and the fan, and is bouncing around] lay DOWN go to SLEEP
kid: [giggles]
me: [menacingly, in his face] i MEAN IT. i do NOT want to spank you.
kid: [quiets down]


[thump] [giggle]
me: [rushes into living room] dammit i MEAN IT.
kid: [giggles]
me: [makes motions as if i’m really going to spank him] I MEAN IT.
kid: whine, whine, whine [quiets down]


[giggle] [thump]

it was an ungodly hour when i got him to sleep, and there was no peace for me last night. there rarely ever is these days.

yeah, i know, bedtime routines, stories, tucking in, we do that. the routine also includes him manipulating me with requests for movies, water, peeled apples, protection from monsters, etc. he’s relentless. someday i’ll figure this out, and when i do we will feel so much better in the morning.

as it is, we’re so tired.

13 thoughts on “my night last night

  1. lol this is my FAVorite part of that whole post
    “me: [makes motions as if i’m really going to spank him] I MEAN IT.”

  2. Protection from monsters? Wait until he’s a college graduate and calls you up at night wanting protection from angry creditors.

    Love your site, btw.

  3. The protection from monsters bit was easy. They just raised me to be a bigger monster than the monsters.

    Of course, who was going to protect them from ME?

  4. oh exactly — what makes it so hard to tell him to go to bed and mean it is that all he wants to do is stay up a little longer on the computer. i mean, i mean, staying up too late on the computer! it doesn’t get any better than that! [sigh] i have the hardest time telling him not to do something that we both love doing, and that i am in fact doing.

  5. Unfortunately, this appears to be a genetic thing, very much like me and my oldest.

    …or we are living in one of those circles Dante missed, the one for older parents with younger kids *g*.

  6. I am sooo glad to be over that period of parenting. My teenagers are still nightowls, but they have to drag themselves out of bed in the morning. If they want to feel fresh when they wake up, then they know to go to bed earlier (or take an afternoon nap).

    P.S. I have a home again (for now).

  7. okay this is totally unrelated – but kd, my blog is back up. i know, you were bored to tears without it. your life was meaningless. your kid was acting out. you lacked the desire to stay up late because you were unable to read my mundane ramblings. well, no more. i’m back. for now anyway…

  8. Hee hee – that’s cute portia!

    So, I take it your lil one doesn’t get up early to go to school yet? Or – lemme guess – when you yourself were little you drifted off to sleep in some of your classes? *giggles*

  9. uhm, well, yes, but i had a “system”, and i only got caught a couple times. ooh, idea for another post. oh, goody!

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