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so i was reading pristine’s today, and she mentions an overheard conversation, two office workers discussing how you never have to buy rubber bands or paper clips, because they “just mysteriously appear and hang around the office like a bad stench”. you know, because you’re always getting them with your mail.

and while this is generally true, the fact is, i don’t like those plain metal paper clips. i get them with my mail too, so much mail, mostly because of those conferences where i traded my business card for schwag, and now am suffering through years of junk mail, all the bright advertising materials thoughfully clipped together by the office staff. i keep the paper clips and throw the mail in the recycle bin. i use the crappy paper clips, because i don’t mind if i never see them again.

this is not to say i don’t have my own paper clips. i have a dispenser full of the good ones, the coated, brightly colored ones. i keep them hidden in my desk, because i like them too much to use them to clip, you know, ordinary things together. i use the ones i don’t like, because that way i get to keep the nice ones. in my desk drawer. occasionally i take them out and admire them, and then tuck them back in there, safe and sound.

i love office supplies.

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  1. ooh, i totally dig the alligator clips. not all that fond of rubber bands, but then i’m traumatized living with two little boys, one 4, one 42. they are mischevious and have good aim.

  2. but. but. it’s so descriptive! schwag = fun toys for free from conventions. ok then. i could have been alliterative, but no, i was unoriginal.

    Faith, you were right. that was bad.

  3. My name is Roni & I an a pen-aholic. If you leave your pen with me & I think it’s kewl, I won’t give it back.

    I am also having office supply withdrawl since our budget cuts forbid me to buy new stuff for my office until next week! AH!!! It’s been over 2 months since I ordered anything. HELP!!

  4. ooh, i used to have a job where i was in charge of keeping the supply cabinet stocked. ahh. there were always plenty of purple pilot pens.

    getting those office supply deliveries was like christmas. oh, those were the days.

  5. One of my colleagues buys these special round paper clips from Italy. ITALY, I say!! They look SO cool, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get them onto a sheaf of paper without tearing the paper to shreds. Those are definitely better for admiring in the drawer.

  6. I didn’t know that it was odd, exactly, to hoard the good paper clips. I did feel that there was something silly about it, though. Like, why HAVE good paperclips if you can’t bring yourself to use them, and then you hide them away so others won’t use yours…. but, odd?

  7. KD, I could have written that post word for word. Only special people get documents with the special pretty paper clips on them. On a tangent, because that’s all I’m capable of today, I was explaining to batgrl recently that I haven’t had to buy staples in 4 years because I have to pass my boss’ desk on my way back from the printer we share and his stapler is just soooo convenient.

  8. And to make the accumulation of metal paper clips worse, the Big Boss can’t throw anything away so she has her secretary distribute all her junkmail, neatly paperclipped together, to me. And she goes through secretarys too fast to ever convince any of them to stop. Why do they even make metal clips anymore? Can’t we just have amnesty day and put them all back into circulation?

  9. Schwag is a new word to me and I’m not sure how to use it yet, but I am sure that if I do it will greatly enchance my cred.

    I am Batgrl and I too love office supplies. I can’t go into Office Depot/Max or even down the aisle at Target without feeling that I need a new notebook, or pens, or binder clips. The paper clips of which kd speaks are indeed superior and, more importantly, fun. The round paperclips – though I have never bought them – are also fun – I played with some at a store. I have three staplers at home – but only one in my office at work, which worries me – though there are more in the breakroom. I also have several hole punch things – the kind that do the 3 holes so that papers can then be placed neatly in three ring binders.

    And yet my office is always a mess.
    I blame my office fish for this. It’s obviously a plot. Because I obviously have all the accessories needed to be organized.

  10. I’m an office supplies lover and a total hoarder. I have colored coated paper clips here at work, I just love them. I have post-it notepads in every color. I only like certain kinds of pens. And I have tons of tchotkees (schwag) too. I’m totally down with the “Office Depot is my Toys R Us” mentality.

  11. I am an office supply addict as well. Pens are one of my huge obsessions. If I had (more) money (than I do) I’d set up an office at my house, for no other reason than to play and pretend.

  12. i so relate to all the “Office Depot is my ToysRUs” — when i was a kid, there was a great stationery store in downtown San Leandro called Blaisdell’s. two cavernous rooms full of those lovely old-school office supplies. the ledger books with their lovely thick paper. the musty smell of the place. and the pens and special pencils! from back in the day most recording of things was done by hand, with these lovely tools, into these lovely books, and reporting meant typing things up, without mistakes. oh. i’m old.

    i wonder what the staff thought of the preteen girl wandering the aisles for hours on end, admiring all the supplies. for hours on end.

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