so. this started out, me escaping fleeing (something away) from surreally dot com. playing. i was just playing with movable type. this was supposed to be my ‘obscure personl journal’. honest. and … and … it grew and stuff and then, the last few weeks or so, comments have gone all mad wonderful, and traffic … unheard-of levels. the last few days or so i’ve beat surreally main site in traffic. by a significant amount. this was never my intention as i studied the block before me and made the first cut. no wait that’s a quote.

so it is. and so it goes. i am amazed by what’s happened here.

that’s all.

and thanks.

24 thoughts on “oops

  1. I sure wish you two would come set fire to my blog… it’s getting a bit maudlin over there. I need an excuse to redecorate 😉

  2. hey, didn’t you say you had a bunch of extra pharmaceuticals you’re not using anymore? i think a medicine cabinet raid, AT LEAST, is in order.

  3. at the moment, toiling away on a set of MT templates. i’ll definitely need some serious recreation this evening.

  4. It think it is still cool to announce you are cool. It is when you have to explain jokes that the formula does not work. Otherwise, blog on about your cool, rad self. Just leave the light on so we can read – we will be here.

  5. you two fine young ladies are more than welcome to anything you find in my medicine cabinet… i have, however, promised portia the Thorazine. it’s her birthday and i thought it would be nice if her dad was unconscious for the remainder of the day.

  6. There is an unwritten law of the internet stating (and I’m paraphrasing here), increases in hit rates and wacky comments are a result of posts involving poop.

    I forget the actual RFC number, but I can look it up if you like.

  7. It has been a bit of fun, hasn’t it? I am ever so glad you made this sep. blog for yourself. It’s allowed me to get to know you in an entirely different way. A way I like quite a lot.

  8. dang, guys, this is a bit overwhelming. and here i’ve been neglecting the blog and playing with new MT templates all day (not my own).

    anywhoo, thanks muchly. and you know, as the linkmeister said about success breeding success — it does. it gives me this feeling i carry with me at, at work particularly, even if they don’t know about what i do, i know, and i have — more confidence i suppose.

    and that is so very new and unusual for me.

  9. chalk this up to me on a friday night: history shows that i get a few beers in me and start getting very, very fond of myself (like the time i posted about how i was just reading my own archives, and i rock?). then i for some reason can’t resist doing some self-indulgent bragging. thanks for putting up with me, is what that last line should have said.

    and what does traffic matter anyway? and it’s not that spectacular, it’s just… i guess i’m easily overexcited over this kind of thing.

  10. alrighty here … -if- i were truly cool i wouldn’t have to sit here patting myself on the back for things like this. cool doesn’t have to announce itself, it just -is-

    that being said, it’s an utterly healty sign that when i have a couple beers on a friday night with my computer, that i sit around feeling actually good about myself and things in general, rather than piss and moan and bewail my miserable existence. this is a relatively new development. and it has a lot to do with the success of this little blog here.

  11. No – cool congratulates itself all the time! Nothing at all wrong with a pat on the back. And I think I’m one of the “no, thank you” crowd.

    I also think that – as soon as I’m back to my own goofy self – we need to hit random comments sections and set em on fire and raid the fridge. I’ll bring a portable bar…. Heh.

  12. “and it has a lot to do with the success of this little blog”

    Success breeds success, right? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Attagirl.

    Bromides over for the day.

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