out of context

been awhile since i did the batgrl‘s out of context thingy. it’s so time for this:

?As hungry for a new juicy bit of news to share with her friends as she often was, it’s doubtful Aunt Lilo wanted to see what she saw that day. Edna and Grandmother sprawled out in the bed doing..well.. what they wanted to do.? – lynn

?I close my eyes, inhale, and I can let my spirit swim slowly through the glory that is Shiner Bock Beer Bread. I will prepare some soup a little later on so that when the bread has cooled off, I shall dine.? – file13

?On a completely unrelated note, did you know the number for the Poison Control Center is 1-800-8-POISON? Say that out loud with me, huh? One eight hundred ATE POISON.? – tara

?Look out for the mutant space penguins, they’re headed your way. A pox on your chickens!? – jonsullivan.com’s comments

?Unfortunately for us both he chose one where the singer came half naked to my place of work and proceeded to make a spectacle of us both.? – sarah

3 thoughts on “out of context

  1. Love those! I love random quote thingies! And you just reminded me of my random quote generator thingy that I had on my blog. Damn, sometimes I really miss Lori. *sigh*

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