out of context

‘i’m looking for pecker’, ‘do you have pecker?’, ‘i’m having a hard time finding pecker’ and ‘i can’t believe how hard it is to locate pecker in this town!’, i finally gave up. it was just too hard.
looks like i am just gonna have to buy pecker. – undertoad
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What’s Russell Crowe got that Joan Cusak hasn’t got? I’ll tell you what: a penis. – scott
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everything’s right as rain. hehe, and it bakes my noodle. – bran-O-phelia
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I know more than I want to about those gooey, sugar encrusted demons. (However I don’t mind seeing them smoke themselves to death.) – batgrl
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Power hates to be whined at. Power will make concessions just to get you out of its office, if you whine long enough. – sal

11 thoughts on “out of context

  1. My nipples were burning so I thought I’d come here to see who was talking about me.

    Be gentle with me, Sal. I have a terrible weakness for witty women with razor sharp minds. I’ve already been seduced by your prose. And you were nervous about blogging?

    The goddess must be smiling upon me to bring into my life so many wonderful blogging divas… and speaking of divas, isn’t that Mizdos ontop of you?

  2. oh kd, why must you always make me feel so very very cheap?

    wait. don’t you dare stop!

    (dtml action class=”flash”)Hey Diva, look at *this*(/dtml action)

  3. Take a picture, it’ll last longer… wait, that can be read a couple different ways. nevermind. read into that what you will. i have no need to prove myself 😉

  4. i love to do out of contexts. they are such a lifesaver when i’m having a not very much to say day, i can just rely on the brilliance and quirkiness of others.

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