out of sequence out of context

in honor of my new random tagline: ‘it’s an ill wind that blows my skirt up’, i present this out of context:

? i went on to inform her that i’m sure she farts 10 times more than i do. but then she pointed out that if i farted 3 times, that would mean she farted 30 times and that’s just not right. ? – nick

?P.S. I’m feeling a little better now. But I have gas. You want me now, don’t you…? – jamie

?I make small talk and butter her up in the hope of less feces in the salad. ? – choire

props to batgrl, for the idea, which, while it may be a meme, is a good meme.

oh – and (on an unrelated note) please go harass visit the godofmischief and insist we see pictures of his shaved head.

5 thoughts on “out of sequence out of context

  1. oh that! yes that is related too. shoulda linked it up. not that there’s a living man woman or dog that hasn’t seen j-lo’s coochie by now.

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