new weblog on dot net: paraphernalia. she is in spain, writing mainly in spanish. and also she writes so eloquently in english. and her design, which she wrought with her own hands, out of the bare mt templates i handed her.

so beautiful. i am a lucky person, having so much wonder on these way cool servers of mine. this is (one of the many) reasons i do this.

oh — her page title “i’ve got my mind set on you” — this song, my daughter loved as a toddler. she would sing the chorus so enthusiastically. i remember this from the days we drove the long drive up to the bay area to visit her grandparents. good memories. george harrison: r.i.p.

5 thoughts on “paraphernalia

  1. Psssst! kd, this is looking screwy, again, in IE5 for mac. Your top post is fine, everything else is a long narrow column of text. I’m on AIM if you wanna chat…

  2. Yeah kd, she writes so beautifully and fluently. I shall have to learn from her you know. l’m always so careless in grammars and sometimes people can actually detect them! I feel good when I’m constantly learning… I just feel so good…

  3. Muchas gracias, kd 🙂 You’re making me blush!
    Thanks to everyone for your warm welcome at Surreally!

  4. what’s grammar?
    you know how you when you first visit a weblog.. and you like what you see.. and you keep going back and fall in love with it? That is what I have done here.. I have fallen in love with kd’s blog.. be still my beating.. errmmm you know.

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