i’m just now finishing up the day’s work — actually, it’s some of tomorrow’s work too. i like to think of it not a long thursday, but as an early friday. but in between the feeling of freedom i get, being able to do my job from home when necessary and the delight of the time-and-a-half in the kitchen, i found room to complain — allergies, aches, the numbness of ass asscoma i get from this bad chair i have. my friend and colleague listened to my complaints, offered sympathy, and then stated in response, ‘i buried my friend today’.


you could have knocked me over with a spork. in a later conversation he told me that he’d gone to work after the service expecting to put in a few hours, then go home and grieve with his friends. that conversation took place at midnight, he was still in his office.

so i sit here in my kitchen, actually rather enjoying feeling a little achey and sniffly. yes. this is good.

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public service announcement: seat belts. my friend’s friend was not wearing one. thank god Eric was, or we wouldn’t have our mr. mischief to kick around anymore. get better soon and enjoy the drugs, Eric!

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  1. There was a lot of reporting about that incident here in the Bay Area. I don’t know why but it really killed me. so it’s wierd to find out that you are in some way related to it–although in blogland that should never be a surprise I guess.

  2. there have been a whole bunch of traffic-related deaths of young people in the past few weeks. seems like one a week, though it can’t be that bad. dunno, i’d research that but i’m not up for it.

  3. there is nothing like a good kick in the stomach to bring awareness of the minutiae of our own problems.

    i’m reminded of this constantly these days. kd’s entry was yet another one for me. there’s not much to do but offer my condolences.

  4. Oh kd, please offer my condolences to your co-worker..
    How horrible..
    I must admit that I never understood why someone could cross the tracks without hearing a train. Was her radio/cd on too loud?
    I read the link. The poor man at her side must be devastated….
    How sad…
    I must goto Eric’s site and read about his accident..
    Thanks for the update…

  5. “But he said so far no one has been willing to pay the estimated $150,000 such an installation would cost. ”

    Jesus… how many more people are going to have to die?

  6. Kd how sad. Life is so valuable, we don’t realize it sometimes until times like this. I hope you will slow down now too girl! You scare the hell out of me sometimes! I DON’T ever want to hear that about you, it would kill me! Slow and easy, the best way right? 🙂

  7. now now, i may try to do to much stuff, as regards to sitting here at the computer, but i never, ever, would try to outrun a train. trains are big and scary.

  8. The detail in that article was a bit much…or am I just used to British reporting? Brought home what it must have felt like for that guy and the woman hit by the train though, when they included what she said as well.

    She should have stopped though. Reminds me why I’m a defensive driver.

  9. kd….that newspaper account was heartbreaking. why is it that lately we all seem more linked by fear and pain than by happiness. i am so sorry for your friend and his young friend.

  10. okay i’m going to try to be cheery here. i am not reading that article. i don’t need to be any more gloomy today. but i’m glad you are reminded to be happy about the things you can be happy about. and i’m trying to let it rub off on me.

    also, there’s a special word for the phenomenon that happens in your office chair. it’s called “asscoma”. it happens to g. and i at the movies all the time. please start using it, stat.

  11. “A vertical day with complaints beats a horizontal day without” (old saying from my office).

    Too, too young…

  12. will do, miss portia, sir! asscoma it shall be!

    actually, gratitude was the prevailing feeling i was having, at the time, also this: be careful when you whine, your problems might be really, really fucking trivial compared to the person you’re whining to.

    i’m thinking that a good policy in the future, is to ask ‘how was your day’ before i launch into a list of my little bitty problems.

    and Dan, you are so right.

  13. In my 13 year career as a paramedic, I had a saying: “Leave the car and you’re dead”. Ok, so I’m not a poet, or overly inspirational, but if you are ejected from your vehicle kiss your sweet patooty goodbye because you’s a gonner. After seeing the picture of the car it was clearly a survivable accident, and it makes me terribly sad that she had not chosen to take that one simple measure to assure a tomorrow.

  14. Surely the cost of installing warning lights and bells is far less than what insurance companies must have paid out in claims over the years. If the railway company won’t fund it surely it would make sense for the insurance companies to contribute to the cost?

    I was in a minor accident many years ago, before wearing seatbelts became compulsory here. I was very lucky not to go through the windscreen, I’ve never got into a car and not put one on since.

  15. well, there is a stop sign, so drivers getting hit by trains there would be at fault in the accident. i don’t think the train would have too much liability, because the fact is that people and cars must yield to trains.

    i was talking about this with chris this morning and he had a good point: they can’t install flashers at every rural traincrossing. he used to cross at the same spot everyday for a regular taxi run, and he said “i used to not just stop, i’d get out of the car and take a long look both ways, because those trains are moving fast”. 12 million pounds going 68 miles per hour.


    I know. My dad is a Highway Patrolman and he makes sure I wear them. He is also convinced that everyone should drive behind air bags with seatbelts (you have to have both, airbags don’t work unless you stay behind them). He has seen a lot of people walk away from accidents where 10 years ago they would have been fatal.

    ALWAYS WEAR SEATBELTS. And have air bags, if you can.

    And please drive safely. I am such a hypocrite, but driving faster than the speed limit doesn’t save you much time at all. Getting someplace five minutes earlier is not worth risking your neck. I really need to work on that.

    Such a sad story, and a way too detailed report from the news site. 🙁

  17. …another old EMS saying, “Tie goes to gross tonnage”.

    But even here in the metro area, people still drive their cars/walk across the tracks/go around the crossing arms with the train in site and sounding its horn. …and they are the ones paying attention!

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