pinching judy

the incident i posted about over here has come to fruition. what i have here in front of me is the entire catalog of music of a band, a local band that almost but not quite made it big, thoughtfully brought to me by the drummer, who has given me permission to put their mp3s on the internet.

i’ve done at least the first cd, here, and on the bottom of that page, there is a link to where i already had the second cd online. i will be putting more songs online as soon as i figure out the best way of ripping mp3s off of cassettes via a small cable into my soundcard. i will also be putting lyrics online and periodically posting lyric/mp3 combos here.

as an interesting side note, the lead singer of this band is now doing dinner theatre in vegas. i bet he’s good at it.

first lyric/mp3 combo follows:

st. paul

it’s been preying on my senses everyday
the only urge i feel now is to get fucked up and play
it’s been raining, i’ve been staring at the ground
rivers leaping off my face to find the gutter in this town
with my main man mr. miller by my side
we put our heads together and we took a little ride
across the bay bridge, stringing us along
there the gringos steal your money looking for a better song
little lines of pressure cannot keep you here
don’t you think you’re better off without me dear
when the flesh gets heavy on me
look for me among the zombies
mission’s where we’ll head now baby
to see the patron saint of maybe
wasted, but i still can drive
the difference between cowardice
and trying to stay alive
is patience, and let me make this clear
i can dodge the bullets of morality and fear
his genius is the offspring of his gloom
i’ve seen him reading hegel he keeps her picture in his room
to him she is an angel and a prostitue as well
with psychopathic courage you can free yourself
from either spell
oh, watch over us, keep us all sane
make me holy, man, and i’ll change my name
you see, i want to live forever,
i swear to god i won’t complain
i’ll take it from the heavens
and slam it in my veins…

the mp3 is here

11 thoughts on “pinching judy

  1. oh that’s right! that song was coming on the radio this morning when i popped one of those original one of a kind Pinching Judy tapes into the deck! normally i do listen to that song but i am so in the PJ mood right now. i’m considering barricading myself in the office blasting their mp3s for the rest of the afternoon.

  2. Would the ban ever consider letting an independent film company use any of their songs in their films? hint…hint….just curious.

  3. So I can’t listen because my stupid home connection is sooo damn slow – must wait to listen to this stuff tomorrow. (Sharing music is such fun! Damn my modem!) So is it every single classical music that makes you crazy or just specific classical stuff? I mean, there’s a lot of variety out there. And did you have a traumatic classical experience that led to this? I have a very low tolerance for high skreeky violins but there’s still a lot I like…

  4. actually, it’s pretty much everything though there are some things i’ve heard snippets of in commercials that i thought i might like. umm. it could be that it’s because my boss is listening to it, specifically? i’m such the rock&roll girl at heart, that i really haven’t done much exploration of classics. when i have they’ve annoyed me.

    yes i am also the sort of person that will state that i hate a food i’ve never tasted. just because. i’m arbitrary like that.

  5. *sigh* i would be playing the CD itself but it’s not really work appropriate. you occasionally have a person playing boring classic rock but this is too edgy.

    plus my boss doesn’t listen to classical music all day because it bugs me, so i can’t really bug him with mine.

    yeah, i’m a complete cretin — i mean, it’s not that i don’t like classical, it’s that it drives me out of my ever-lovin’ mind. makes me want to claw people’s eyes out. music is a very touchy thing with me. either it harmonizes with something inside me, or it doesn’t. can’t explain. just don’t make me listen to stuff that goes against this. can’t handle it. makes me insane.

  6. Woot. Randy isn’t around so I can kinda listen to this. I feel all sneaky. It was way too quick to download. Man. I need a cable modem at home now. You just don’t realise until you’ve seen how fast they go. o.o

    Anyway, the music is incredible… and part of it gets to be today’s Judith quote. Er. If you know what that means, you either play on the same RPG I do, or you’re incredibly patient about reading through all my RPG blogging. And… I’m babbling. So I’ll stop now.

  7. now. i saw that you linked up one of my poems with a “this is so Judith” comment. and now Judith again. and we’re listening to Pinching Judy. the world is all Judy to me right now and i don’t know all the way why. i think i like it though. all surreal for the monday.

    i need more coffee.

  8. Judith is a character of mine — though don’t call her Judy, if she must have a nickname, it’s JUDE, thank you — that I play on Haight-Ashbury MUSH. It hadn’t even clicked in my head that the band’s name was ‘pinching judy.’ Ha. >.The Madness Cycle is about her and her SO — they’re quite the pair — and Slowing Down was written by the guy who plays Jeremiah. It’s good when these things make you work and think.

    I’ve gone off enough about KILL TEH MONSTArz!!!1 RPG stuff enough on my own blog, so I’ll stop. 😉

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