poemgen (a division of kd: a blog)

krix has joined us over there at poemgen. people love cmdr taco’s poem generator code (see sidebar for details). it rocks, and the more people we get contributing to poemgen, the more words his eloquent algorithms can parse.

10 thoughts on “poemgen (a division of kd: a blog)

  1. i sometimes edit out code snippets that seem to wander in, but in general i try to keep it true to its original form.

  2. I edited mine. A lot of code seems to come up from my links and such, so I generated 3 or 4 and put together the better parts of each.

  3. so, alternatePete, is this something you’d be interested in joining? is that a hint? i’m just checking. i know you do those on your own, but… just checking.

  4. there’s a whole blog attached to this blog where first me, and now a buncha people are contributing poems generated off their blogs. click the ‘poemgen’ link. it’s a blog. full of poems. that were generated. by different bloggers.

    that is kind of confusing now that i look at it. life confuses me.

  5. I’m so excited, I’m getting ready do do my first entry now. I’ve never used MT before so I’m giddy about that. Thanks for inviting me to participate , kd.
    *smooch*…oh sorry, was that too gay?

  6. Hmm… I really don’t know if I’m cool enough to do anything like that. Although I could certainly try. My poemgenerators could stand to be used a little more… right now they have no purpose in life. 😉

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