raising hell

It’s about parenting. It’s about bad parenting and good parenting and the grey area between. It’s about our kids and your kids and our neighbor’s kids. It’s about sibling rivalry and gum wads under the kitchen table. It’s about video games and school concerts and temper tantrums. It’s about being parents or knowing parents or wanting to be parents or not wanting to be parents.

what we have here, is miguel (it was his idea), melly, michele, and sheila (who did the design, all i did was wrassle it into templates and stuff).

they have even said that the’ll let me contribute an article or two here or there.

so anywhoo, that’s where i’ve been all weekend when i wasn’t napping or navelgazing. (it’s all launching and stuff and i’m still working on it)

11 thoughts on “raising hell

  1. New site looks great! I am sending the link to my sisters – who are parents. Definitely you deserve a Fosters – or 6.

  2. a very cool site, kd, et al. it’s an interesting topic. i’ve seen bad parenting in action and am looking forward to watching a bit of good parenting unfold.

  3. This immediately went in my links on my blog page. Why? Because by the time I’d read through ten postings, I’d stopped to email twice — once to my father, and once to my husband.

  4. Wow – lots of great writing – all these people finding ways to keep me from doing my work and wasting time in blogland – it’s a plot, isn’t it…

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