regrets, i’ve had a few

earlier this evening, i was sitting here at the computer, engrossed in the reading of emails, with the back door open to let in the breeze. the first thing i heard was the rattling of tags, which i didn’t really process until the very large yellow lab walked right in the door. now, there was nothing at all threatening about this dog’s manner, but the truth is he startled me pretty badly and i screamed. poor fella took off like a shot, and i felt so bad afterward, i mean, he was probably having a really bad day, and there i went and made it worse. i should have invited him in for a snack and checked his tags, maybe called his owner or at least gave him a place to hang out while i tried to find who he belonged to. i wish i wasn’t such a spazz like that.

ok, so i have some beach/kid pictures, it was a beautiful day. here’s my son scaring his mommy. he was very serious about crawling in the sand. here he goes, up the slide. and there was an interesting rock.

[sigh] i just keep feeling sorry for that poor, friendly doggie that i scared so badly. i hope he’s ok.

19 thoughts on “regrets, i’ve had a few

  1. this doesn’t relate to your post 🙂 but i saw your response to Dvorak’s article and wanted to say BRAVO! you ROCK!

  2. alex — thanks, that guy really pissed me off. i am just tired of the snarky journalists picking on the bloggers.

    scott — i couldn’t tell you. nope, i can’t even imagine why. living by the beach is the best. and, i used to never go! what was i thinking! i go all the time now. ohh, the sand was so warm today. it felt lovely.

  3. i have the link to the forum on my puter at work, i believe. i was actually arguing with a guy that was agreeing with Dvorak while the rest of the comments were bloggers that were objecting to his snarky “rules for blogging” article.

    it’s on PC magazine online. i’ll look for it later, maybe?

  4. Ya’ know??? I’ll bet that rock has a story behind it…

    …and Scott, it’s nice to know there are Linuxen outside of California. I thought there was some sort of rule…

    …and the Ruminator will likely have me for breakfast for that one. By the way his domain is up; time to change linkage: .

  5. ooh, Dan, thank’s for the heads-up on the ruminator!

    and yes, i totally wonder about the rock. i was tempted to appropriate it for my personal use on my porch as a… rock on my porch, but that’s some sort of federal offense i believe. and i try not to do that. anymore.

  6. The Ruminator’s moved? Wow, a day of changing links!
    And thanks for the link to kd’s reply – which I must go read now!
    Hey, it’s all a plot to keep me online and not doing laundry, isn’t it?
    Meanwhile you do realize that, because you have a kid, you have an actual excuse to play on that most cool playground? I am soooo jealous! And I also woulda lugged that groovy rock over to my car and taken it home! Hee hee! I have a lot of weird rocks around the place here – indoors of course.

  7. having a kid means all kinds of groovy things, going to see cartoon movies, laughing at poop humour, going to the beach and playing on the swings — which of course adults can do, but it’s better with kids around.

    i’m thinking of going back for the rock. i just hope i don’t get caught.

  8. That’s actually something I was wondering – can you be busted for taking, um, liberating a rock? I mean, you’re going to give it a nice home and appreciate it… The first time I went to California I mailed home two boxes full of beach rocks. And I still have them all! Yes, I’m an odd little bat…

  9. further down the beach there is a sign that says, do not take the rocks, it’s some sort of crime, because it’s a state beach and they hold the water back or something, etc. i should get a picture of the sign, in fact i think i did once, but i have so many pics in so many folders. maybe i’ll go digging in my folders. hmm.

  10. nope, must have deleted that one straight off the camera. at one point i was thinking of collecting pictures of signs and doing a post, sign, sign, everywhere a sign. someday.

  11. yes, i’m glad you and i reminded me. it’s something i’ll be doing, someday. along with the old mayfair/insomniac coffeehouse post. i have actually scanned the newspaper articles, so it’s a matter of inspiration now.

  12. Dan: Linuxen are definitely everywhere. I think that rule came in the form of an RFC that many folks simply ignored.

  13. Our neighbor’s cat Rufus comes over often. He’s a black manx cat who is extremely friendly and calm. Firs ttime I met him, I had woken up from a nap, saw a strange black cat cuddled next to me. I looked at him, said “Hi there.” He looked at me, closed his eyes again, and we both fell asleep again.

    Our own four cats do not share his opinion of Rufus, but thenthey were here first.

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