same thing we do every night, pinky

ever type till you ache? well, part of it is that it’s friday, and it’s been a rather long week. and i ran the errands, and came home to some of those long, long emails, you know the ones. from friends who are wonderfully analytical and between the both of you, you are deconstructing blogland and exchanging the most delightful ‘this is between you and me’ stuff.

fun part is keeping it that way — makes for better email conversations in general, you know.

and then of course the talk turns to the latest wild scheme. because if it’s one thing bloggers do, it’s have ideas. like lucy and ethel always trying to break into show business, we have our wacky plans.

if i’d had any idea when i first signed up for a blogger account and started babbling, that it would come to this — well, i couldn’t have known, and if the idea had been advanced to me i’d have said something like ‘pfft. sss. no way.’

anyway, a few aspirins helps the friday of a long week aches, enables me to carry on (mixing metaphors at will here) in much the same way as a lab mouse bent on world domination. wacky fun stuff.

5 thoughts on “same thing we do every night, pinky

  1. I love plans for world domination! Do you actually have to know MT or such before participating? If not, count me in! I am known as Evil Princess Overloard of the World already, so this probably comes under my domain already anyway,

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