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melly is maybe coming to california.

forty-four rocks.

add your link because the freerange linkist is just good fun. i have already found interesting sites that i might not otherwise have found. those, and also bookcrossing.com, a kind of where’s george with books, i thought the top bookcrosser, harriet, had a fascinating story.

that is all for now, i do have more for later: things, plans, ideas. stuff. more stuff. and things. things & stuff.

6 thoughts on “t & s

  1. I’m already on your link list, but i’ve gotta agree with batty. It’s so cool it almost makes me want to enter my link twice.

  2. no, see, i was encouraging people on the old list to put themselves on the new. because, it’s cool! it’s totally fun!

  3. I am stunned beyond belief to have found my humble little bit bucket listed above. I have been meaning to give you much link love. I suppose I ought to get off my ass, config MT on the new server and send that sugar your way!

  4. You know, that list and the code are just so damn cool. It almost makes me forget how massively this day is sucking. As always, you rock.

  5. durn. you beat me to it. i tried to get that linklist thing working on my old site but couldn’t get the path right. now i don’t have time to play with my blog. gotta make money. why can’t we just get paid for our blogs?

  6. oh. heh. i did that while i was at work. it’s work-related (learning to install cgi scripts). i’m better at paths now! it was good experience. yeah.

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