news! sheila (in search of a soul) is now up and running at tart.surreally.net. there is something else happening at sheilarene.org, but not yet.

there are still five subdomains left at dot net. it’s donation-supported hosting with a running copy of MT installed by yours truly. just in case you are, you know, interested in that sort of thing.

8 thoughts on “tart.surreally.net

  1. Okay, everyone stand back; it looks like she may be coming around.

    Man, I’m just not used to this one-person stuff. Where’s Tess? I want a partner for the next one…

  2. Lynn. Lynn? Lynn!!!. Wake up, Lynn!

    OMgosh; it’s been so long… Let’s see? Look, listen, feel… Two deep breaths…

    Anything yet?


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