it takes what amounts to a tremendous conceit to write what i’ve written, thinking someone, anyone will actually read the elebendy kabillion words i’ve just posted about my ancient history. the formative period of what has come to be my adult life, which did not start until well into my fourth decade.

looking back on that from here, early in my fifth decade, i can say of all the stories to be told of my years, this is one of the most important. it was hard to write. but it did me a world of good.

and i thank those of you who waded through the whole thing, wholeheartedly, for sharing in my this adventure with me.

11 thoughts on “thanks

  1. There is no conceit involved at all. You’ve proven, many elebendy kabillion of words over, that you are a compelling writer. So it was easy to hop on for this ride. And, having hopped on, to be heart broken to not have had a chance to hang out and hear some live music with you .

  2. those days were the best. not just the music but the energy of the crowds, young teenagers — i felt so young and alive there. and since i now have some of the music back, some of the best of it, i feel just a bit younger than i did before.

    and i feel privileged to have seen gwen stefani, pre-fame, singing ‘i’m just a girl’. i saw many wonderful things there. i’m so lucky.

  3. Just a suggestion, but this series is worthy of a sidebar link or a home where people coming here for the first time can find it and understand why some of us set up tents at your place…

  4. great story, kd – I waited and read it all as one piece – WOW!!! tough to write – tough to live through – makes you strong, huh?

    separate note: somekitty has a birthday tomorrow – I can’t get in on my FMW site for some reason . . . so geopities to the rescue:
    if anyone else wants to join in on the fun, let me know here pretty quickly – or better yet do it on your own space and let’s surprise the kittyfriend. ;-))

  5. It was a pleasure to read about what some of your goals were, and what you did to achieve them…despite all the stumbling blocks,,at least you tried..

  6. You are my favorite blogger. Not only because we share alot of the same views (always a plus in my book) but because you are a wonderful writer, and you never fear – or at least don;t show it-to put yourself out there on the line. I admire your honesty and openness in sharing your life with us.

  7. to tell such a personal and heart-wrenching story and then still be able to say, “i’m so lucky”… that’s very cool… 🙂

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