the first day of april

historically this is a very bad day for me. oh, i’ve always been gullible, and i would always forget what day it is or fail to get the jokes but that’s not it. this day, for the last eighteen years of my personal history, is a bad one.

honestly, i was trying to get into the spirit of things, and just now i’m deciding that’s not going to happen.

we will return to regularly scheduled going along with things tomorrow, or maybe later today, (i tend to be rather resilient, anything’s possible) i’m just saying, if i’m not giggling along with y’all, there’s a reason.

22 thoughts on “the first day of april

  1. it’s a pretty elaborate hoax, who knows. i still don’t believe i fell for it. i guess it sounded like such a fun, happy thing — running off to AUSTRIA! that i wanted to believe. i wanted to think librarians can pick up and run off to foreign lands and have fun like that.

    i am such a sucker.

  2. April 1 is a bad bad day for me too…..AND, I wanted to Thank you! and you know why…..

  3. ok, i just spent my afternoon home sick – and then I read this – the *whole* Austria thing is a goof? Ooooh I am such a sucker…
    I don’t do the 1st very well either kd. Luckily no one has tried anything on me this year that’s stressed me out or scared me – no one jumping out of corners, telling me anything happened to my car – you get the idea.

    But look – it’s almost over and then it’ll be Tuesday.

  4. thank goodness for that. and Sicksider, you are most welcome, and Mistress Angelique, i’ll get back to you. i’m focusing on the good now. had enough of the bad and the ugly. really.

  5. kd, i’m sorry to hear you’re having a tough time today. i hope my geek rehab comment didn’t adversely affect your mood. it was not intended for serious perusal.

    anyway, take your time, relax, feel better, and we’ll be waiting here to pump you up when you return.

  6. oh, gosh no, Portia, it’s nothing anyone said. it’s just, i know there is going to be great merriment all over the web today, and i just wanted to go on record as wishing i could go there too, but, so far, no. maybe i’ll feel better later.

    january 20 and april 1 are the bad days. there have been years they just slipped in under the radar, but not this year.

  7. in solidarity, i’m going to be anti-merriment too. this will be easy for me as i’m generally a boorish oaf.

    hope tomorrow is better, kd.

  8. you didn’t ask for ’em and you don’t have to accept them – but I need to give ’em

  9. My head is spinning from all the folderol and mayhem being perpetrated today. Hoopty–hijacked? Sullivan–subpoenaed? Spacecheese–adopted? Even more about Spacecheese–in Vienna at all?

    My mind is boggled.

  10. huh. so the spacecheese thing could have been a plot all along? one of those elaborate internet hoaxes?

    i never thought of that, but then, i often don’t get the jokes.

  11. That’s my pathetic insight for the day. Mig’s got a comment over at Space’s that would suggest as much.

    I’m with you–I kind of wish the whole day would just go away. I like to think I’m too clever to be sucked in. That just makes the fall so much harder.

  12. going back over the comments, i feel pretty idiotic that i’m just getting this now. i swear to god i’m going to be more skeptical from now on.

    but you know, this is miguel we’re talking about, we should have seen this coming.


  13. Exactly. I sat there all week, amazed that he was putting up with space and pat’s little antics. Now the only thing left to wonder–whose dutch blog was it that mentioned them? was that a fake blog?

  14. I resisted temptation to post some wild tale for April 1st. I didn’t do it. But sounds like some “pranks” were going on out there. Heh.

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