the last minute

are you a procrastinator? do you want to meet others like yourself? then, may i suggest, returning your videos to blockbuster at 11:53 am on a sunday. there were a lot of us, a surprising number, scampering across the busy parking lot from hurriedly parked cars, more bare feet and uncombed hair and strange fashion choices than i’d seen in one place in a long time.

i’m not alone! i feel almost normal.

9 thoughts on “the last minute

  1. I can’t do that. I simply sigh at 11:53 pm on Sundays, knowing that I’m going to have to accept the late fees… and quite possibly humiliation of a video store clerk announcing in a loud voice, “You owe $5.13 in late fees for Beavis and Butthead Do America”.

    I’ve learned to accept this as a modern day hairshirt.

  2. that’s a shame, because there’s something quite freeing about running across the parking lot in the t-shirt you slept in and a pair of sweatpants, no shoes, hair all messy, with a bunch of other equally unkempt people all around. it’s as much part of sunday morning as two fat newspapers and a quad cappuccino made with vanilla french roast beans.

  3. you are so not alone in procrastinationville. i’ve been living here quite comfortably for some time. but i’m with scott, i would be way too lazy to haul ass to bring the movies back.

    now that i’m thinking about it, this is very interesting. there is procrastination with laziness, and procrastination with motivation. they result in quite different outcomes…

  4. Heck I’m too lazy to go rent em in the first place – and also because I know I’d never get them back on time… Sad, huh?

  5. well, chris rents them. he’s on the blockbuster rewards plan, so he gets free tapes from the not-current section when he rents current movies, so he always gets ‘toons for the kidlet for free.

    and yes, it is possible to accrue late fees on free rentals.

  6. Well, I’m big on doing things that are freeing these days. Perhaps I could muster up the motivation to attend such an improptu late night come as you are party.

    Today I juggled oranges in the produce section of the local Kroger simply because the look on the face of the little girl in a nearby cart screamed ‘i dare you’. She stuck her tongue out at the produce weasel who demanded that I cease and desist. I forgot that I was capable of even a small degree of spontaneity and fun.

  7. see, now, that’s the way to do it. you kind of have to let go, you know? stop being such a slave to what you think people will think of you.

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