the potty mouth

i’ve been looking over the last, oh, week or so here, and noticed an alarming trend towards the use of the f word. you know, fuck. one of, if not the most versatile words in the english language, but it is generally considered coarse for a lady woman chick broad person to use in polite … whatever this is.

so screw politeness. no! that’s not what i meant. fuck it. i’m having a fling with the f word. i’m sure i’ll resume the thinly veiled usages of friggin’ or freakin’ or effing, someday, unless that’s just silly.

32 thoughts on “the potty mouth

  1. it feels so fucking good. it’s such a juicy word, so filled with nuance and splendor. it’s like my favorite alltime word right now. which says…. something about me, i’m sure.

  2. You know why? Because sometimes nothing says it better than fuck. That’s why. Because it feels good to say it sometimes. Because you have to say it sometimes. Sometimes, if you said to someone, “You’re a piece of shit,” it just doesn’t hit it like “You’re a fucking piece of shit.” That gets it. That slams it. I use it all the time. My son charges me a fucking quarter. We’re going to Disney World. Again.

  3. Was it Joe Pesci who said it best: “You tink I’m a fucking clown? Dat I amuse you? What the fuck, you fucking fuck?”

    No one can top that.

  4. um… um… wait a minute. you’re not even going to buy me dinner? i’m not a cheap trollop you know! i’m an expensive one!

  5. shrimp. steak. lobster. chateau la feet soixant neuf or some shit like that. you know, classy food for a classy broad *pops gum, twiddles hair* so where ya takin’ me?

  6. Well, I was gonna take you to McDonalds and let you super-size it…. but seeing as how you’re a classy dame ‘n’ all… how ’bout roscoes chicken ‘n’ waffles?

  7. Nothing fuckin’ says it better than fuck. do you realize that it covers all emotions?

    – You can go get fucked! when you’re pissed.


    – I wish you would fuck me… now.


  8. Fuck. Surely you don’t fucking expect me to pass up a fuck-o-rific opportunity to fuck up my pristine image by using the f-word.

    But kd, darling, it’s often more useful to use “effing” or “friggin'”… sometimes you really need to preserve the sensibilities of your audience and not go tossing around such vulgar language. Some people have sensitive ears…

    Oh, who the fuck am I kidding…

  9. In my earlier life as a construction worker, it seemed that fuck was the only adjective anyone knew. The word lost all meaning.

    It’s like yelling. You yell to get attention or emphesize something. No one yells all the time.

    When I say fuck, I mean fuck. Say it loud. I fuck and I’m proud.

  10. Isn’t “fuck” a Greek word for hurting someone??
    Fuck me if I’m wrong..
    I’ve been fuckin’ wrong before..
    And I will be fuckin’ wrong again..
    But, then again, I could be fuckin’ right..

  11. Fuck best describes my reaction to the national newspapers today. Not to sound like I’m plugging my site, but go read the latest entry to read about this fucking disgrace

  12. Although I can curse like a sailor (I WAS, after all, a waitress/bartender for 10+ years), I don’t anymore. It’s frowned upon at work (conservative accounting milieu) and it wouldn’t go over to well with the parents of my CCD students, I’m sure. So I’ve been collecting obscure, polysyllabic words to fill in where I would’ve used all my curses. Heh.

  13. Yup, fuck is one versatile word. It can be good or bad :

    A man, talking about his date last night to his buddy : Boy, did I get fucked! Talking about paying too much for a car : Boy, did I get fucked!

    An expression of disbelief : Fuck me! A command : Fuck me.

    A compliment (maybe) : Man I’d like to fuck you. An insult : Fuck you.

    C’mon, everybody join in…

  14. fuck = acronym

    for. unlawful. carnal. knowledge.

    so it was actually an offense, back when — whenever that was. the bad old days.

  15. Nah. The acronym thing is an urban legend. It’s actually Old English/Germanic in origin and means ‘to copulate, to push, or to strike.’ The acronym story sounds better, though, so it spreads faster. 🙂

  16. Here at my work, if people want to say fuck, they are supposed to come into my office. Why is this? Because I have the only office with a door that closes – everyone else has cubes. Why is this? Because I complained so much about the noise. And people got tired of hearing me yell “Shut the fuck up”. So I got what I guess you can call the fuckin’ office.

  17. fuck is an acronym, not an urban legend!! are you freakin’ nuts!? you’re an urban legend!! you are!! has your brain been taken away by strange insect like people and… moulded into cutlery!?

    fuck is a fucking good word because it can be used in every fucking sentence and even between every fucking second fucking word for fuck sake… fuck!!

    you can say “i’m so fucking happy” and people will believe you’re happy. or you can say “i’m so fucking pissed off” and people will back off, especially if you’re a strange psychotic person such as myself.

    jeez, i just surfed into this site and i allready hate all of you. fuck off!! you fucking geezers!!

  18. Fuck is not an acronym… many believe it is tho. Acronyms didn’t exist that long ago.
    It doesn’t mean For unlawful carnal knowledge or Fornication under consent of the king.

    sorry… there’s sorry many urban legends and myths eh!

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