the ravages of attention defecits

so i was straightening up a bit before chris got home. too much to do, at the last minute, all at once.

got up from writing email, just before one final review before clicking send. in living room, reassembled couch and picked up toys and other four year old detritus. carried some dirty dishes into kitchen and saw milk out on the counter, remembered i was going to give him another cup. turned on the water to rinse the cup and heard the wind rustling the trash bag, remembered it was too full. left water running, took out trash real quick. return to hear son still bouncing around the house, remember i was going to find his shoes so he could go out and play. turn off water. found shoes, tried to get them in the same place as kid long enough to put them on his feet, not immediately successful. sat down, shoes in one hand, clicked send.

8 thoughts on “the ravages of attention defecits

  1. this tired gramma has had kiddos all day . . . this sounds so very familiar . . . smiling WITH you, kd. Honest . . . so much fun. Sigh!

  2. the only ones here WITHOUT ADD are the cats… i have bought milk on the way home from work in the morning and left it in the car…, in the summer… blech

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