the rock liberation front

batgrl made me do it.

i stuffed two vons bags in my purse and headed off to the beach. as i drove downtown, i rehearsed in my mind how i was going to pull off the heist liberation — just stroll casually down the beach, intently searching, find it, pick it up, and walk off as if this were a perfectly normal thing to do.

fortunately, there was a family already there, climbing around the rocks, adding to their collection. the wife smiled at me and said, ?nice rocks?. at this point i found mine, yes i found one specific rock on the whole beach, which i then held up and said ?i saw this yesterday and i had to come back for it?. the rock-hunting family didn’t seem to think this was weird at all. i bagged the rock and was off.

so, success. the rock rode shotgun on the ride home. and here it is, in its rightful place on my porch with the other beachanalia.

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and in the everybody’s doing it department, i have joined both michele and miguel in teaching my child to do this.

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in the news, adults find their inner sponge. spongebob rocks my world.

27 thoughts on “the rock liberation front

  1. Oppressed beach rocks of the world unite! You have nothing to loose but your… well, you’re just rocks. Not much is going on in your life. You should be glad that interesting women want to make a place for you on their porches.

  2. there are even shells in some of the holes. chris said this is sandstone formed from sand that tubeworms lived in.

    in any case, it’s a fascinating rock.

  3. Hey baby, nice rock.
    Where did you get that rrrrroooocccckkkk?
    Do you rock?
    Wanna rock with me sometime?
    Just you, me, and a rock?

  4. I wanna rock! *insert guitar riff*
    Now see, that’s just where that rock belongs – where it will be loved and appreciated. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy anyhow. *grin*

  5. make rock not war!

    -blue oyster cult, from the 1985 release “club ninja”. which i have, on cd.

    if anyone wants the mp3, i’ll rip it and upload it for you. i also have an mp3 from this cd online, a song “perfect water” — it’s about the ocean.

    such an appropriate song for a beach rock. i think it will be the beachrock’s themesong.

    great song

  6. they do. they just rock. my son loves the rocks, too, and he’s lower to the ground, he finds those i’d miss. he’s the one that went wandering on the beach and found this rock — he kept bugging me, mommy, mommy, get up, come see this rock, so finlly i did, and *whoa* whatta rock.

    he’s so into rocks. his easter basket is now a rock basket. mostly common household pebbles but they’re all meaninful to him. he loves him some rocks, that boy.

    and so do i.

  7. Rocks are great toys – non breakable and free. When I was little I named some and they had little families that lived in a shoebox. Much more fun than dolls. The whole pet rock craze really confused me though – I thought there must be something special about those rocks…

  8. there wasn’t. i bought one. it was just a rock in a box.

    now, my mom had this cool little thing — buncha rocks, all perched on a small slab of wood, standing up, everything varnished, with little eyeballs painted on them. it was called “people watchers”. thing cracks me up to this day, and it’s been around a good thirtysomething years.

  9. Ah! I’ve seen those people watcher things! Wow – those are such objects of the 70s, huh? My great aunt was a rock nut too – she had some of what she called fairy crosses – rocks that form crystals that are shaped like crosses or x’es – depending on how the crystals grow – they’re brownish pinkish rock, very cool. And of course I inherited them. 🙂 She had several that were chipped out of the rock they had grown in and made into necklaces…

  10. do you still have the necklaces? they sound like the coolest ever. i’ve always loved rocks. i used to climb in the basement of our house on Darius Way in SL, and find the coolest quartzes. right out of the ground.

    my mom has about three and three quarters bazillion knick knacks, i’m sure those are among them. my mom has all kinds of stuff from even way before my childhood.

    no one ever dusts their house, but if they did, it’d be a big chore.

  11. I love quartz – but then anything shiney or glittery brings out the magpie in me. Yes I have a couple of the cross pendents, and a rock that has several of the crystals growing in it. I sooo need a digital camera, huh?

    Dusting is highly over-rated.
    I dislike dusting intensely.
    And I am a knick knack queen!

  12. i have an olympus d340r or something like that. it’s several years old, i got it from a friend, for next to nothing.

    i point it at stuff, push the button, it takes a picture that i can put up on the site right away to illustrate things.

    it’s not fancy. but i’m a simple girl, and i love being able to post pics. it does that.

  13. Simple is always good! And that’s really all I want too – and something I can get my hands on easily and for the right $ – too many things to share that require visuals, y’know?

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