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Eric rocks. i gave him a copy of that new b2 and by the next day he’d converted his whole site over in lovely standards compliant code. and the thing loads so fast. i’m impressed.

VAspider, handed a fresh copy of MT over there on dot net, dove right into the templates and made them pretty. and the domain has resolved!

speaking of domains resolving, has its own domain, though there’s not a design just yet. that’s pending, but since it already hit 25 on blogdex, well, may as well jump on the impatiently linking a not-done site bandwagon! it does have MT, which as you know makes a very nice-running site right out of the box. and yes, i still love MT.

i have two sets of templates to do. i am not sure that they will be done tonight. but i’m off to go try.

oh, and for your enjoyment, the gettysburg powerpoint presentation.

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  1. That’s great. I liked Bill Clinton, but I’d hate to see a Powerpoint presentation of his State of the Union addresses (three Kodak carousels-ful, at least).

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