for those of you who care so much about the environment that you are willing to remove yourself from it, via a horrific collision with a real car, may i present to you the ford think. just think of what would happen in a think vs. escalade confrontation. yes, it’s environmentally friendly (unless you consider how the plastic body will last forever in a landfill after you die in it). and they have charging stations at the mall. what more could you want in a scary sub-golf-cart sized deathrap?

i’m all for the environment. but please. a plastic car?

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  1. That’s a CAR??????

    Yeah and ROLLER SKATING on the highway is good for the environment too, but…uh…Actually, that looks like one big…er uh…medium-sized roller skate!

    Sheesh. That’s not a smart way to be environmentally responsible! Not to mention, people would LAUGH at me if I drove a car like that! Hehehe…

    Although, it DOES look like those tiny European cars…which I think are kinda dumb looking. I’d rather drive a little moped and wear a helmet and protective gear – it’s probably safer than those tiny cars!

  2. i think i’d rather walk, thank you. no. really. i don’t need a ride. i like walking in downpours. thanks. drive safely!

  3. but there are only two seats and a small cargo area in the back. so, four doors would be two too many, i’m afraid. it’s really, really tiny.

    it might work on a tiny, tiny island, where life moved at a leisurly pace and there were only cars this size.

    but in southern california? a car that can’t get on the freeway? and has to share the city streets with distracted soccer moms driving hulking SUVs? silly test market, i think.

  4. I wouldn’t mind it at all. I’ll probably trade in my gas-guzzling miata-killer for something sensible. I’m doing my best to find a job nearby so I can bike to work.

  5. I think my Big Wheel was bigger than that. I think the people on CSI would have a hard time extracting your DNA from the hood after you get rear-ended by anything.

  6. it’s plastic though. all plastic. plastic like those ‘little tykes’ kiddie cars. a very similar kind of that plastic. it has a top speed of 50mph and it takes awhile to do so.

    it’s a golf cart with a plastic body. but people drive it on the streets.

    it’s a golf cart

  7. I totally agree with KD, the car looks horrible & unsafe. I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those unless someone drugged me, put me in one & then they had a crash in it while they were drinving it. Of course, then I WOULD be caught DEAD in one. ;-P

  8. maybe we should save our pennies and buy a nice Toyota Prius. what a brilliantly engineered, wonderful car. it makes sense. for southern california, where gas costs a lot and a car is not a luxury, really, the Prius is kind of a perfect choice. it’s a little bit light on acceleration, which can be a factor in safety (sometimes, you need to punch it and get out of the way).

    hence the v-6 buick i drive. seats five in luxurious comfort. i know it’s decadent and earth-unfriendly. but i feel so safe in it.

    it seems so hopeless we ever get these massive SUVs off the road. until then, well, plastic golf carts aren’t a good idea.

  9. kd, you’re reminding me of a difference of opinion my former boss and I used to have. We flew into LA about every other week, and he’d always rent the biggest car he could get (Lincoln Town Car was a favorite) and stick me with it if he left mid-week. When I flew in by myself, I’d always rent the smallest car I could get. We had different philosophies. His was, let ’em hit me, I’m bigger. Mine was, lemme get the hell out of their way.

    PS: Neither of us ever got hit in the two years we did that.

  10. so that’s what that is! there’s one in our neighborhood, i see it sometimes. i think it’s cute. yes, CUTE. i’d love to have one for city driving. freeways freak me out after four years of mass transit. but i always was a small car person. i still miss my geo metro.

  11. *sigh* it takes 6-8 hours of charging time to go 50 miles. it costs $199 a month to lease. it is probably the most impractical attempt at being earth-friendly i have ever seen.

    on the other hand, take Toyota with their brilliant Prius — it runs its motor only to charge its battery, and gets better gas mileage in the city than on the highway because it converts braking friction into energy.

    and if you run out of charge, you’re not stranded looking for a 220 outlet to plug in for 6-8 hours. a gas station will do ya. and it’s super-quiet and has almost no emissions. brilliant. want one bad.

    the Think is too small, not maneuverable, and must use the same roads as the Expeditions and the Navigators and the jerks who drive them. it does not have the power to get out of its own way, and it’s plastic. it’s a toy.

  12. 1. it’s a city vehicle. it’s not meant for the highway.
    2. it’s safer than a motorcycle.

    otherwise, i agree. i wouldn’t drive one of those anywhere near a buick *wink*, let alone an excursion.

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