trolling for trolls

my first real troll was a doozy. it was such great fun, albeit somewhat annoying. it had some strenuous objections to my use of my own, personal website to express my own, liberal opinion. you know, supporting freedom of expression, that can be mighty offensive to some people.

i’m just a girl with a weblog. and freedom of speech. if you don’t like it, don’t read it. and if you post comments in disagreement, try to do so more coherently, and leave your name and an email. anonymous flaming is just so tacky.

this was all about the naughty boat. so, i’ve sent a message to robert turobiner, hoping i can talk to him in a little more depth, get some more details. sadly, his first amendment case has run aground due to the terms of his lease, so he’s looking elsewhere for a place to dock his boat. yes, the marina has the right to terminate his lease for any reason. however, it’s the equivalent of someone renting a home to me and then revoking my tenancy because he didn’t like the bumper stickers on my car.

it’s at the landlord’s discretion. i would hope my landlord would believe in freedom of expression — this is not hardcore porn we’re talking about here. they are mermaids. their lips are not quite touching. his website sells sex-themed novelties. ooooh. novelties.

this is not sex we’re talking about. it’s innuendo. it’s a painting of two mythical creatures with human-looking breasts. human breasts. paintings of them. c’mon. it’s a URL, which is a play on words from a movie, with a suggestive twist.

oh, and it’s ‘i learned from lesbians’. can you say rabid homophobia? sure you can.

10 thoughts on “trolling for trolls

  1. Wow. Your first troll. If he comes back we can grab him, dip him ion bronze and you can use him as a bookend. Heh.
    Hey are we being sexist by assuming the troll is male?

  2. your little fucktard buddy inspired me to finally get off my ass and post my tweak for making mt comments name-mandatory, email-optional. if you’d like it, help yourself.

  3. well, the problem is, my troll left its “name” and “email address” at first — “conservative” at — hehe, too clever.

    it was just a sad, stressed out little troll, sitting at work surfing google for something it could condemn.

  4. If he comes back will you send him my way? I never get to have any fun. Unless he/she is one of my relatives. Which is highly possible. then you can keep him because I’m sick of arguing with them.

  5. Sorry I missed the fun too. I had a computer-free weekend.

    It seemed to me that “he” objected to you calling the opposing side names. Then he called you names. I don’t get his logic.

    Freedom of speech is not absolute, and the Constitutional protections only apply to government actions. On my property, you have no freedom of speech, no do I on your’s.

    I enjoy debates, and can respect someone, even if they absolutely disagree with me. I only have a problem when people try to impose their opinions on me, by requiring that I modify my actions.

    I know that I’m generalizing, but it seems that people that want to tell society how to behave usually don’t follow the same rules themselves. Maybe that’s why Congress routinely exempts itself from federal laws.

  6. oh! i was just updating a comment of mine to include a similar sentiment — the part about how he was calling me names for namecalling — and to reiterate the “my house, my rules” thing. he’s still all wounded about the IP tracking, but then again, this is the internet. we have the netiquette, the expected standard of behaviour when we are using comments features on others’ sites. and we are geeks. we don’t take kindly to someone who is ignoring or just ignorant of these ‘rules’. and you know, your average troll is NOT going to pay attention to requests he shape up, so, we do what we have to in order to get their attention.

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