where to begin?

not here! oh. alright then. here: so what if between my ears it’s one long denis leary routine? so what if i’m salivating? i wish i had permalinks in my comments. i bet i could do that if i tried hard enough. but priorities. i have things i’ve had to do for months. miguel, i have not forgotten you. if i could just slow down with the (here’s where the comments permalinks would come in handy, i’m about to quote myself) thoughts swarming like rabid mice on meth all throughout the maze of my brain, if i could just focus.

wouldn’t it be great if the shoe project were reborn by morning? morning, in austria? i have a few hours and a fierce case of … umm … let’s just say my tummy feels funny. as does my head, but my head doesn’t smell …

never mind.

6 thoughts on “where to begin?

  1. oh dear kd… keep it up. I don’t know when I’ll quit. But we talked about that before.

    straws always helped me when I did quit. xoxo

  2. straws? what do you do with them? eat them? set them on fire? stick them forcefully in people who piss you off?

    i know that brainsuckers use bendy straws. hmm.

    i’m kidding, i’m a little manic right now.

  3. hubby quit smoking 9 years ago last week – we know the precise time because it was the week before our oldest daughter got married. Her soon-to-be hubby also quit and became utterly HORRIBLE to live with, so she bought him a pack of cigs and said try again later.

    hubby used EZ Quit whenever he had his oral need and it seemed to help. Of course, he only just got rid of those in the past year. ;-))

    one day at a time, kd. Just like me with drinking – one day at a time and we all are doing JUST fine. heh!

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