10 things

&#183 there’s a mariachi marching band or some shit playing right over my back fence.
&#183 that would be in the parking lot of that huge catholic church.
&#183 there used to be nuns living next door to me.
&#183 they were all from the dominican republic.
&#183 they were all under five feet tall. well under.
&#183 there will be more nuns moving in soon. probably bigger ones.
&#183 here is a visual of my house to give you and idea of my proximity to all this catholicism
&#183 i have long, thick, luxuriant hair. on my legs.
&#183 there will be no visual for that.
&#183 you’re welcome

23 thoughts on “10 things

  1. Alriiiiight Mariachi!
    “La Cucaraaaacha, La Cucaraaaacha…
    I see ’em running on the floor…
    La Cucaraaaacha, La Cucaraaaacha…

    It isn’t running anymore….”

    Thank you, thank you… I’ll be here all week.

  2. I don’t want to offend anybody, and your house is cute and all, but that many religious people in such close proximity would give me the creeps.

  3. oh, it’s creepy alright. especially all the priest’s bedroom windows on the second floor that look right down at our house. actually the church owns several houses on this block — and the rest are full of old catholic people, because of the church and the fact we’re two blocks from two hosptials. old people like to be close to the doctor and god.

  4. Ohh, that is *quite* creepy. The short nuns would be bad enough, but a bunch of priests overlooking my yard … uhhh, no.

  5. and you know what else? right after this scandal thing, they stopped ringing the church bells. either the carillon (sp?) broke, or they stopped wanting to call attention to themselves.

    which is a shame, because they were like an alarm clock to me — they’d first ring at 8AM, which would mean no more snoozing.

  6. one’s proximity to catholicism is inversely proportional to… damn. i forget.

    but it’s something pretty nasty.

  7. In 1980 I lived in a duplex with Moonies in the other half of the house. We were positive that they were trying to send thought manipulating messages through the walls. Do you think that the priests are doing the same to you?

  8. they were at about leg-level, so it would be easy for them. i doubt they’d be shocked by leg hair. i mean, they had facial hair, so…

  9. Well, I bet they’re quiet!
    Do they have bells? Church bells are great from a distance, but… I’m betting we would have heard about it already if there were bells.

    any other jokes are so way too easy they’re impossible.

    Note: the Catholic school I went to as a child is on this relatively tiny street in the Castro in SF. I now have 3 very-not-Catholic friends who own houses on that street. It makes it hard to even think about visiting them, and during the day i can’t bring myself to think of it as Friend Street, it’s totally ‘Bloody Gorey Catholic Iconography hemmed in by the glorious babylon of the Castro’ street.

  10. oh, they used to have bells, but they’ve somehow stopped recently. maybe they no longer want to draw attention to the whole “this is a huge catholic church/high school” thing.

    since i don’t do the alarm clock thing though, now i have to look at the clock to see if it’s 8 yet.

  11. kd lives in nun city central! *giggle*

    Another reason for me to get a digicam – so I can take a pic of the church across the street. The Methodists over there are ok with me – in fact they make damn good cookies. And the minister knows all the best fishing and gator spots nearby. All the important stuff.

  12. Hmmm… kd, does your city have one of those laws where you can find out if your neighbors are convicted sex offenders? You may wanna runa background check on those catholic priests… *ducks and runs*

  13. i can relate to how you feel cos i grew up being surrounded by nuns. what’s that term called? hierophobia?

    thereafter, don’t forget to post a picture of your sexy “mown” legs yeah? hehehehe…

  14. Maybe priests like hairy legs…who’s to say.

    Boy, you look as if you live right in the convent, there, kd. Are you sure you’re not telling us something?

    And, for the record, I “mow” my legs every so often. But as little as freaking possible.

  15. I *never* mow my legs … or elsewhere, either!
    And it’s not a feminist thing … it’s a laziness/comfort thing. If you let them grow long enough, the hairs get soft. Stubble drives me up a wall!
    The last time I shaved was August, 2000. I’m going for at least the ten-year mark this time!
    Some of my guy friends are hardcore bicyclists … It always cracks us up to hang out together, and the guys have shaved legs and I don’t :)!

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