so let me ask you this: do you take your self and its image, and hold it in your warm hands, hold it close to your chest &/or heart until it is soft and malleable, and then carefully mold it into what you want to see, in the mirror? whatever mirror applies, from the glass ones to the internal ones, oh and of course, the world?

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  1. kd – you and I would DEFINITELY have been friends in high school. I wrote an entire Latin exam backwards once. When the teacher asked me what the hell it was, I suggested to her that all the answers were right and that she should hold it up to a mirror. Instead, she flunked me on the exam and asked me what my problem was….

  2. Not really. I’ve always felt it’s easier just to throw it out there and let people think what they want. I know who I am and I’m happy with what I know….

  3. The older I get, the more comfortable I’m becoming with me. Don’t like me? YOU get a f*cking different mirror! LOL!

    kd, if I could give you half the sense of what a good and decent person you are that I have of you, I would…

  4. ahh, but i’m more concerned with my inner mirror — what i think of me. that becomes increasingly important in the whole quest to be content with myself.

    i haven’t always been quite like this. it’s taken some work and some time.

  5. She does emerge occasionally with the help of my Revlon Compact Chrome Lighted mirror. Supplied with both a normal *and* 3x magnifying side. Wow.

  6. I’ve been trying to formulate something clever and profound to say about the fact that mirrors aren’t accurate representations, as in, hold up a page with words to a mirror and you can’t read it. But I haven’t had coffee yet today.

    So I’ll jst say…erm… KD RULEZ!

  7. actually, i can read in mirrors — and i’m very nosy and can read things across desks which are upside down. i can also write in both directions at once (forward with the right, backward with the left).

    i have lots of weird mirror imagery in my psyche. i even wrote once about dreaming my life backward in a mirror.

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