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  1. that’s an interesting response. i usually run out of the room holding my nose. oh yeah, and laughing.

    this wasn’t my idea, ok? but i promised.

  2. you’ll feel better, i’m sure.

    unless i meant that as more of an exclamation. i’m not sure what i meant. really.

  3. The older males of my tribe usually direct everyone’s attention to miniature elephants that hide under the furniture. These creatures are apparently invisible to most of us…

  4. where i grew up, we had a species of barking frog. now, we just have guys that are proud to claim their gasseous emissions.

  5. Bless my mother’s heart, she used to say this:

    “Better to fart and bear the shame than not to fart and bear the pain.”

  6. *snort*

    I just spewed coffee out of my nose….thanks kd.


    that was too funny. why are farts so funny anyway?? i am the first one to start laughing when someone rips a good one…

  7. you know, for some reason i was just reminded of the nicest thing my otherwise completely awful ex-husband ever did for me.

    when i was pregnant with our daughter, i had some of the worst gas in recorded history. and once, with just me, him, and his friend mitch in the room, i let a nasty one — eyewatering, gagging stench came outta my butt.

    and mitch was freaking out, oh my god, and steven (hubby) just looked smug, like it was his manly gas that filled the room.

    *sniff* that was so sweet…

  8. If I loose one, if I just plain juice one
    would that inspire you to try to induce one
    produce one
    or if you kindly introduce one
    would you be friendly, or try to seduce one?

    Drivin’ in my car when one slips out to see me
    I roll down the window
    I try to be friendly
    I greet it
    I let the kids at home meet it
    I kiss it goodbye because I know I’ll never see it again

    Farts don’t like being treated like farts
    it breaks their hearts, it breaks their hearts
    farts don’t like being treated like farts
    they just wanna live on the rock ‘n’ roll charts

    ….you can thank my friend “Beverly Length” and his friends in Septic Lung for that one. Gawd, I miss those guys.

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