i am about sick and tired of looking at this site. i spent the last few hours surfing blogplates and every other possible place i could think of for something i could use as-is, or at least, some ideas. and just nothing was me. because, you know, for it to be me, it would have to be made by — you guessed it — me. ack.

so i surfed some css resources. popped those puppies up in ns4 and … ack.

and i’m fixated on the way this thing works. it’s so practical.

i let my determination fall by the wayside and will spend the rest of my waking hours surfing and reading and not thinking how much i don’t want to look at this site anymore. that, i’ll save for morning.

in the meantime, i had a little adventure this morning. i spotted this from a distance — it was right in front of me but i had to navigate a maze of industrial alleyways to get this close. know what it is? a cell tower. people want their phones everywhere but nobody wants to look at the antennas, so, we have metal palm trees here and there in ventura.

13 thoughts on “ack

  1. i think i may have talked someone out of their old layout. and i might just see if i can make it a skin. which means … oh, i would be so happy. but, i’d have to be doing nothing but that, like all weekend. sitting on the computer. playing with code and stuff.

    oh, the humanity.

  2. I saw that in CA when we went home last year. How wild is that. I cant believe you saw that 🙂 Now I will be driving around looking at all our trees (we don’t have palms though) and wondering where the towers are 🙂

  3. we have scraggly looking pine tree towers. greenery is only at the top of the too-tall-to-be-a-real-tree structure.

  4. Ahh I see you’re suffering the old fashioned blog delusionment…I know how you feel, I’m just never happy with mine…at least up til now, I seem to be enjoying the current design

  5. I had no idea that they hid those things! I am amazed! And so darn glad you carry your camera with you! I wonder who came up with the idea for metal palm trees…

    But your site looks damn GOOD! Change the color, pop a few new pix up in your groovy rotating pix thingee up there (I love the little alien eating the world btw, I never remember to mention that) – would that be enough? I’m never happy with my “designs” or whatever you call em – that’s why I have to move things around every now and then…

  6. oooh! things hidden in fake trees! whodathunk?! i gotta go drive around and look for some of those! there’s just GOTTA be some between here and Long Beach… *putt, putt, putt*

  7. one word: skins.

    you can have it all and so can we. It’s a stone groove, baby! Come up for the party tonight. I want you to be my date.

  8. see, skins are for people who have more than one design. me? i have had this one for basically ever, and if you’re struggling with just the one, well, skins are … a luxury.

    i like batgrl’s suggestion — i was thinking of ways i could change the header around, keep the rotating images, and go with that butterscotchy color around the border of the little pics in the color theme.

  9. This won’t work in Southern Ca., but I really like the huge Mountie disguise. Hmm…ChiPs?

    How about psychedelic designs in the background? Peter Max-ish, maybe? Or Roy Lichtenstein?

  10. Wow! We are having issues with the cell sites here too. They are in the midst of court cases with people who dont want the cell sites erected near to their homes.
    The tree idea is a good one…

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