again with the driving

is it bad that i take such joy in consuming finite fossil fuel resources and polluting the atmosphere? what is it with cars and why do i love them so? i have a ten minute drive to work and i only wish it were longer, because it feels so good. and if the music is particularly stirring, as in this morning with the melissa etheridge, and me singing along, with feeling, it can really improve my outlook, not an easy thing to do before, say, noon. i’m sure there’s some lovely deep-breathing benefit to belting out a passionate song, something that raises energy levels. it’s bliss, yes it is.

and yeah, i look funny doing this, really, i do. and i used to care, but i’m past that — whatever anyone (including the coworker who gave me the strange look as i pulled up in the parking lot) thinks is no concern of mine.

i wonder when i stopped worrying about people thinking i’m weird, and started deliberately making sure they had no doubts about it.

this is the best part of the aging process, the eccentricity that comes so naturally. very freeing.

19 thoughts on “again with the driving

  1. I hope you don’t think I was implying you were a copy cat, kd. You’re too one of a kind for that. In fact, the thought never entered my mind until you changed your domain to kdblog. And now of course, it’s stuck there. Hmm … maybe that’s cause she’s hot?

  2. i didn’t think *you* thought i’m a copycat, i just wanted to make that known generally, because i’m paranoid.

    and i think i need some mp3s. ms. lang’s style of music is underrepresented in my music collection, and i have some song snippets running through my head right now.

  3. i love my long 45 minute drive to work at night. it’s great for contemplation or peace and quiet or loud rock and roll. i, too, sing in the car and could care less what i look like 🙂 many mornings it’s what keeps me alert for the drive home!

  4. Everyone *likes* to sing in the car.
    And everyone gets looks from other people when they do it.
    How ’bout everyone stops staring at other people singing and instead just belt out a tune their own damned selves? Like, um, Xerox by Adam Ant – not particularly meaningful or stirring or anything, but super melodic belt-y fun!

  5. i had this odd fantasy driving home, windows down — that there would be two or three cars in close proximity, all listening to the same station loud, and catch ourselves all singing the same song, and have fun with it.

    where do i get thoughts like that?

  6. no, no, no, my fantasy was a happy coincedence — not some evil corporate clearchannel conspiracy *shudder*

  7. One of my recently retired coworkers, who’s about 70, strikes many people as eccentric and/or senile. She says whatever’s on her mind (yet never in a hurtful way) and takes no crap. (yet somehow is sweet as can be, just don’t mess with her). She makes me look forward to old age and being totally liberated from so many expectations about how one should behave. She also takes people’s expectations of the “elderly” and turns them on their head while using them to full advantage. A role model is ever there was one. Course she’s also quite lucky to still be sharp as a tack. And she tells the BEST dirty jokes. We had to drive up to Baltimore one time and we sang practically the whole time, which is what made me think of her now. I have no idea how or when she learned all those lyrics, come to think of it…The looks on people’s faces when we pulled up in front of the Walters Gallery singing to Nirvana at the top of our lungs was priceless. Damn I miss her. I’m going to call her right now….

  8. I wish that I felt as free to be eccentric when I was a teenager as I do now. My kids said that they thought I must be going through my second childhood, but I told them I never had it this good as a child. Growing older is fun, if my body can just keep up with my spirit.

  9. oh, i know, teenagers can be such conservatives — my daughter is forever telling me to turn the music down and stop embarrassing her. eh. she’ll get over it in time.

    i don’t know what i’d do without a car stereo — i don’t even want to think about it. i think having the stock buick stereo (with something called concert sound II, which is nice) helps it stay unstolen, since it’s built in and model-specific to my car.

  10. Completely off topic: I don’t always have time to read the comments so this may have already come up in conversation, but does anyone aside from me think of kd lang everytime they come here now?

  11. i bet a lot of people do — everybody raise your hand if kd lang is hot? yeah. i thought so.

    we just think about her. ’cause she’s hot you know.

    but i want everybody to know i was signing myself “kdkelly” just like that, run together, lowercase, since i was about fourteen which was years and years and years before i ever heard of kd lang.

    so, i’m not a big old copycat or anything. but being named karen diane does give me some good initials — i like them alot. i’m even starting to think i’d like to give up the ‘karen’ in r/l and go with kd.

    or not.

  12. Aiee. First of all, I love to think and drive. Tiny and I have had looong discussions about how we think best in the car. Driving to and from work is very therapeutic for me. Now if only I had a tape player in my car, I’d be so thrilled. As it is, I’m stuck searching for one of the three songs in regular rotation on the mainstream stations I can stand, or I’m listening to oldies. That isn’t bad, as it’s evocative for characters and such. 😉

    Now I’ve got Constant Craving stuck in my head, however. 😛

  13. I very rarely *listen* to music when I’m in the car; I’ve had four (count them, four) cars without a stereo, including the current one. But I do sing, loudly and constantly … it helps keep the talking to myself down, a bit …
    I don’t really like long commutes … driving the same road every day, the same way, even the traffic only changes in the specific drivers and not in shape or stupidity. I love to drive when I’m the only car around; any time there’s another car on the road I start thinking about how easily anyone could fuck up and kill me, and usually on a long commute I have to deal with sooo many other drivers, many of whom seem all too eager to demonstrate their unwillingness to pay any significant amount of attention to the death-race we’re all engaged in … I am in heart a nomad, however, so covering the same as opposed to new terrain day-in-day-out constantly tears little chunks out of my soul … that may just be me. I am very grateful that kd and others here can enjoy their daily drives to work.
    And I do so love to sing … in fact, I just finished a semester of voice lessons at the community college, and since I am WAY too shy to practice in front of my family, I usually went for a rambling country drive to do my homework of practicing singing. That I have no stereo holds me back not the slightest – and believe me, the stares you get from singing along to music are mild compared to what people serve me with when I have the windows rolled down and in between verses my impromptu audience can’t hear any music backing me up. tee hee!

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