and you know what?

now it’s really really late. and the nature of a little tequila has taken its course and i’ve now installed kazaa lite (the spyware free version). i’m fully running my AV software on all i’m doing, i swear, this is is the best you can expect of me.

because i needed some meat puppets. and now i have some.

and you know what? ok. meat puppets = mostly chris and curt kirkwood. they were kurt cobain’s favorite band.

my son’s name is kurtwood. it was entirely subliminal, i didn’t even realize, until after we’d decided on the name, when i was perusing a meat puppets cd cover, where that very unique name (may have) come from. i do believe their music, and their names, influenced our choice.

i’ll leave you with the lyrics to one of my favorite (though there are so many) meat puppets songs, evil love:

evil love

Last hand I shook was a boat
That floated on its back all day
In the middle of a song about trees
That’re scared of the dark

Wait until you’re gone to steal
Some thoughts from off the shelf
To trade for hats with holes
And let the night shine through

Exchange our fears for little glass holes
And broken dreams of bent-backed trolls
Who’ll tend the trees and what’s in between
The sky above is aglow with evil love

The boat sank offshore
In a birdbath dreamt by a broken wheel
Left by the side of the road
Right where night slipped and fell

And if I ever had, they couldn’t tell
If we were, they didn’t know
She might, but if he did
They can’t, you must, I won’t

Turn our tears to little black holes
To light the way for three blind moles
Who’ll tend the trees and what’s in between
The sky above is aglow with evil love

Who’ll tend the trees and what’s in between
The sky above is aglow with evil love

Who’ll tend the trees and what’s in between
The sky above is aglow with evil love

download this

(please don’t stream it, just right clicky and save to your puter)

more meat puppets to come.

7 thoughts on “and you know what?

  1. and in the theme of appreciation: i am right now reveling in the late night beer and vanilla cigarette thingy, i suspect i’ll regret it but you know? while it lasts? just fine thank you.

  2. i am uploading meat puppets mp3s. that’s not only lucid, it’s…. well, it’s an important thing. i’ll be posting MP lyrics and songs as the night wears on.

    it’s a holiday. i can nap all day. the meat puppets rock so fucking hard. i found this server with all these songs (with my google trick) and i’m having songs i haven’t had in years.

    wonderful songs. and i share.

    and yes i’m drunk. YAY drunk!

  3. Ooooo, I LOVE the Meat Puppets, kd.
    I saw them live in a tiny club years ago and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.
    Thank you for reminding me.

  4. I spent a weekend with the Meat Puppets when they came to play at On Broadway one time. We smoked so much pot that I couldn’t see straight. That’s when I decided that I was only going to listen to their first e.p. (which I have, by the way) whacked-out on acid.
    It’s the only way to fly…..

  5. my god. i’ll bet it is. they’re quite hallucinogenic even without heavy drugs.

    i was SO happy to have found their entire ‘too high to die’ cd on someone’s sever that didn’t have the .htaccess to keep me out of their index directory — (thank you google).

    i’m not a pirate, in this case, i’ve bought this CD several times over, just lost it along the way. i’m only a bandwidth pirate. i’d feel bad about that part, but my god, i loves me some meat puppets.

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