cat and mousecursor

chris called out from the living room, ‘you might want to get a picture of this’. i was busy writing the last entry, so i was annoyed until, well, here you go: the cat discovered the computer, specifically the mousecursor. (warning: picture of guy with farmer tan in scooby doo ninja boxers)… and oh, kitty wanted that cursor. so much so, that even after chris left the computer, he was trying to bite it. kitty’s a funny guy.

30 thoughts on “cat and mousecursor

  1. yep, the camera was right there in my purse, by my feet — never let the camera get too far away from you, is what i’ve learned.

  2. Ok, you realize you rule for having scooby-doo, ninja, and cats mentioned in your post.
    And now I do have to go look at cameras tonight dammit, I can’t stand it…

  3. my god, those boxers are the coolest thing a seventy-something mom ever gave her son for a three-months-late birthday present. they so totally rock.

    yes! get digicams, everyone, because … pictures are cool.

  4. Oh and BatChat tonight, kd (and anyone else) – directions on my page may or may not make sense, I dunno. I’m brainfried.

  5. You realize I had to look at the photos a second time just to see the cake plate that bobthecorgi mentioned.
    Hey – can I have that Newcastle, if it’s just gonna sit there on the table, all by its lonely?

  6. Hehe. My cat does that a lot, usually when he’s finished ‘helping’ me to type. I suspect he’s just passing comment on my poor spelling and typing skills. Pity he doesn’t clean the fur from the keyboard when he’s done though.

  7. That first picture looks like the cat is explaining how to use the computer:

    “Ok, so if you’ll just put your mouse cursor HERE, left click and drag, you can copy this text and paste it somewhere else…”

    Too funny!

  8. i wonder if they have kitty computer games?

    oh, and BtC? the cakeplate? i would happily sell it to you if it were not some sort of wedding gift of my mother in law’s. it also holds the lid closed on the cd player we have sitting there on the dining room table (yes, that’s our dining nook. no dining goes on there, except munchies while playing on the computer.)

  9. I am also dazzled by the cake plate.
    And the Krispy Kreme fetish item.
    And yeah, I’ll rochambeau ya for the boxers. 😉

    Cute kitty!!! Bite!

  10. those were a belated birthday present from his mom. nope, not parting with the scooby doo ninja boxers. he loves those things.

  11. that cat is a cute cat! i wish my cats had personality but they don’t. they’re both dorks. btw, the man has nice hands… 🙂

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