i’m really nervous about admitting this to the blogging public, but here goes: i am indifferent about star wars. i was also indifferent about spider man, and this indifference extends to pretty much every geeky movie that’s been oohed and aahed all over blogland. lotr? sorry. haven’t seen it. is it out on video yet? may not watch it then either.

i am not a big moviegoer. i went to jimmy neutron. i went to shrek. i saw the rugrats in paris. all those were parental duty, more or less, but i did really enjoy them. before that? hmm. jurassic park i think. four movies in what, a decade? yeah.

i’m a freak, i know it. you may not understand, but, well, at least now you know.

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  1. that’s ok.
    i’m completely indifferent to star wars too. i reluctantly watched episode one a year and a half later than the rest of the world with the remote control [and fast forward button] firmly in hand. i made it last all of about 15 minutes!

    i understand.
    maybe that’s because i’m a freak too (:

  2. I’m indifferent to Star Wars also. I remember seeing them the first time around and they haven’t interested me since.

    I’ve done the kiddo movie detail also. 6 times at least in the last year. But man, I want to see Spiderman. And I loved LOTR. :o)

  3. there are people that can help you.
    just reach out to them.
    they will be more than happy to lead you through these dark times.

  4. I’m totally with you on this, kd. It takes a lot to get me to go see a movie, and I’m not at all excited about Spiderman, even if I am covered in fake tattoos of his face. And I think that Star Wars should have been left alone after those first/last three. The new stuff? Feh.

  5. I’m a complete unrepentant Star Wars geek, ditto Spidey, ditto… whatever. But I just don’t get into a lot of other things that some people do, so I can’t really look down on them. 😉

  6. I love movies, but haven’t seen a single one of the ones you mentioned, and have no intention of doing so. Just. not. interested.

    And I’m relieved to know that I’m not alone, as I was hiding this from the rest of blogland until now.

    Thanks for offering this public service.

  7. vaspider — i figgered you’d dig spidey, well, you know, the whole spider thing 🙂

    JJ, i was moved to do this by Suzy, who confessed that she was only going to see it because it was a date.

    i think it’s good that we all feel comfortable coming out of the non-geek-movie closet.

    oh, and Say-Say? not missing much there. not that great of a movie.

  8. My room mate just left to watch the Star Wars premiere. The show starts at 1201am. She has to be to work at 6am. Freak.

  9. i am going on friday night because my friend perri really wants to go, and it is her birthday. but otherwise…i’d just rather rent ‘hedwig and the angry inch’ for the 6th time.

  10. renting movies is the best way for me to see them, on account of my attention span and the pause button.

  11. Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyou. I work among nerds, and they always have these conversations, you know…where vast amounts of star wars trivia knowledge is assumed. It never fails to horrify them that I am without clue.

    And I don’t know how many times they have tried to explain the concept of camping out for x amount of weeks to get movie tickets, just so you can be there for the first showing. I just don’t get it. For any movie. I don’t get it.

  12. I’m with you on this one. I couldn’t care less about Spiderman or Star Wars, though I will most likely eventually go because hubby wants to. Then again, I’ve only seen two movies in the theatre in the last ummm, 3 years? I don’t know, when did the last Star Wars movie come out? *g* We saw it, and we saw Harry Potter.

    So I guess I’m a freak too, lol.

  13. dru, i hear ya — there are people that have been camped out for days, weeks, even months. not sure i’d want to be in the theatre with them, they’d be pretty damn ripe by that point.

    i’m so glad i’m not alone on this.

  14. Well, yeah, kd. I loved it ’cause of the spider thing, but I am also a CGI fanatic and a game geek and a comic book geek.

    Did I mention I like spiders? Yeah. I pretty much spazzed in the theatre when they showed some of the spider-related stuff. Pazuzu kept telling me to calm down. I was like a little kid, making these little tiny ‘eep eep’ noises and trying to breathe.

  15. Harry Potter and LOTR, I saw. Last movie seen in a theater before those two was probably “The Gods Must Be Crazy,” about 1985, or else “Vertigo” at a Hitchcock festival a year later.

    You are not alone.

  16. [raising hand] Hi, my name is Donna, and I could care less about Star Wars. Or perhaps I couldn’t. Whatever. I don’t care 😉

  17. Me? Arachnophile? Noooooo, never!

    Ehhe. Seriously, though, the first wall-crawling sequence with Spider-Man had me practically sliding out of my chair. Eeep eep eep! Eli and Pazuzu were on either side of me batting my hands down because they kept flopping around like fish out of water.

    And there’s some other movie this summer about BIG RAMPAGING SPIDERS. Man. I can’t wait.

  18. The only movies I get super excited about, and will stand in line for, are Merchant Ivory productions. Yes, I’m strange. I doubt this comes as a huge surprise. 😉 I do look forward to the Star Wars, Star Treks, and Marvel comic character movies, but not in a way that would ever convince me that I want to go on opening day and fight the crowds. Nope.

  19. There’s plenty of room in Blogland for all types of people. I love movies, and some movies just have to be seen in a theater on a big screen with great sound, surrounded by screaming fans. Star Wars movies are like that. I had a blast seeing Attack of the Clones last night, and there were no long lines because the theater had it playing on four screens at once.

    You non-movie or non-blockbuster type movie people are still okay in my book.

  20. I am glad I saw Spider-Man, truly amazing comic book adaptation and as for Star Wars…I wanted to be there at midnight last night with my mates, and I’m still desperate to see it

  21. I don’t care about Star Wars either. I revel in not caring about Star Wars. I used it as banal content in which to hide messages. I think that has confused people. But just for the record, I’m not that kind of geek, ok? Because I collect Pez, you know…

  22. I think I’m the antigeek. I pick things up because my friends talk about it, or take me to the show, or lend me the album, etc.
    I own next to nothing. I spend next to nothing. Yes, I am piss poor, but I made a decision to be this way when I was making bank – and the reason I’m not making bank now is because I furthered my ideals and quit that corporate soul-eraser job that enabled me to crawl forth from the vast land of debt.
    Ever heard of the new definition of a good job? It’s an acronym for Get-Out-Of-Debt. I laughed so hard when I saw that, because I had already had a G.O.O.D. job before I even knew the term.
    I like to absorb what comes my way, and my life is intensely complicated. If I get bored, I know it’s just a mood, because I am so behind in looking up things that interest me that I’d never catch up with everything I want to do (and can afford to do) in ten lifetimes. Therefore, I spend as little energy as I can going after material objects or works of art that don’t simply happen to appear in my life.
    I also happen to think this country would be a hell of a lot happier and more laid-back place if more people would stop foaming at the mouth at such things as Star Wars and Britney Spears and Will & Grace, and so on.
    But that’s just my opinion. At least most rabid Star Wars fans don’t go out and shoot up heroin or schools or stuff like that.

  23. it’s ok, kd, you don’t have to be a big moviegoer for me to love you! at least now i know how to entertain you if you drop by singapore – no cinemas and theatres. but i hope you love to eat and shop, though! :)))

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