cornered and sweating it

i have issues with climate control systems. mostly heat, i hate heat. my feeling is, put a damn sweater on this is southern california for cryin’ out loud we will not die from hypothermia. so i have preachified at great length on more occasions than i care to admit about the evils of over-controlling the climate. i’ve bitched and bitched. and my opinions were very specific — down to the degree. it’s ok to turn on the A/C if the room gets to 77-78. it’s ok to turn on the heater if it’s very very cold, but it never is so that doesn’t matter.

and you know? 78 degrees in a windowless office with one small door in the absolute center of a building is very, very hot. it’s miserable. and me with my big mouth if i get up and go turn the damn thing on there will be all the ‘oh i thought you didn’t like the air on’. well listen here pal, what i said was whatever but what i meant was mostly i just don’t like the heater. it’s stuffy and dusty and makes me feel all dry.

i’m not sure why i ever bitched about it. i was on one of my little rant-lettes where i get all overly worked up about an issue, and regret it later. and now is the later when i realize that i was crazy before. and that i have bitched myself in this hot, stuffy corner, well, screw it. i’m turning on the A/C. if anyone even seems like they might want to think about saying something to me, i’ll just give ’em the death ray eyes. yeah. i’ve changed my mind and that’s that, ok?

14 thoughts on “cornered and sweating it

  1. Yeah, thats right. Everyone, especially women, and of the women, especially, especially KD can change their mind. Got it?

  2. i like turning on my air conditioning in my car in the middle of winter. it’s my damn perogative, i figure, and a benefit of being single i suppose.

  3. When I was pregnant with my son, I used to freeze people all the time in my car. He was born in September, so I was HUGELY pregnant all through the summer. If they didn’t like it, well, hey, I was the one driving them all over the face of the earth in the first place.

  4. blogcon sounds soooo cool! vegas in august sounds soooo like a hot, melted rat…
    like melted wax, only with fur and a tail 🙂

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